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Anything you need to know about why the Dallas Region is a great place for all people to live, work, and do business, we’ve got the facts. Compiled by our in-house research team, you can explore the individual pages from the DRC’s Economic Development Guide, the premier resource to help you and your company make economic decisions, and other resources for info about the region.

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Dallas Region Fact Sheets

The DRC’s Economic Development Guide is a compilation of Dallas Region macro and micro economic trends to help you and your company make the most informed economic decisions when planning your next company move. Review the DRC’s Economic Development Guide broken out into individual topics.

Life Science
Converging in DFW

Through a new economic development campaign, the DRC is recruiting more companies and jobs in the life science and biotech industry to Dallas-Fort Worth to capitalize on the region’s existing competitive advantages in the tech sector.


The Southern Dallas County Economic Development Guide is a resource highlighting communities, real estate, employers, and talent to encourage economic development and bring jobs to Southern Dallas County.

DRC Publications

The DRC research team compiles proprietary publications each year on the Dallas Region covering overarching topics in-depth. These publications come in a printed version and are available for free to you or your business. Contact us to order.

Regional Economic Development Guide

The premier resource for companies considering moving to or expanding in the Dallas Region. This guide is full of information that will help you make an informed decision about where to grow.

Newcomer & Relocation Guide

There are a lot of questions to ask when you’re relocating. Where are the best schools? The hip neighborhoods? The job opportunities? How can I get involved? We’ve got answers to all that and more.

Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Review

The DFW Real Estate Review highlights the Dallas Region’s commercial real estate market and fresh stories covering office, industrical, medical, data centers, and retail markets.

Higher Education Review

Dallas-Fort Worth is the #1 region in Texas for higher education. Explore the region where higher education and business uniquely combine to compete globally in this publication.

Dallas Innovates

Dallas Innovates produces an annual print magazine covering the region’s innovators and tech entrepreneurs who are shaping the future today. Visit DallasInnovates.com for more information.

Regional Reports

Special Reports and Target Industries take a deep dive into issues specific to the Dallas Region. Explore these interactive reports to learn all about the topics listed below.

Economy in Brief, Presented by Truist

The Dallas Regional Chamber’s “Economy in Brief: Indicators for the Dallas Region” offers easily digestible insights into our economic landscape. The data points and analysis tools that support this report offer our business community an assessment of current economic conditions to make informed decisions based on trends and projections. View the latest report.

Life Science & High Tech Converging in DFW, Presented by Pegasus Park

The convergence of life science and tech is happening now in DFW, making us a hub for research and progress and a destination for companies looking to launch, grow, or reposition their life science business. Learn how Dallas-Fort Worth is poised to supercharge the life science industry.

Texas Two-Step, Presented by Ebby Halliday Companies

More than 150 corporate HQs have moved to Dallas-Fort Worth since 2010. The ease of doing business in the Dallas Region has drawn five Fortune 500 companies (Charles Schwab, CBRE, Jacobs, Core-Mark, and McKesson) to DFW over the last five years. Learn how business growth begins with one move to Dallas-Fort Worth.


Hundreds of people move to Dallas-Fort Worth every day. Their reasons are diverse, as are their options for planting new roots. Learn why Dallas-Fort Worth gained more people over the past decade than any other U.S. metro.

Growing High-Tech in DFW, Presented by Bridgepointe

Dallas-Fort Worth’s innovation economy is booming, attracting corporate innovation centers, high-growth startups, and high-tech operations of all kinds. Learn how innovation takes root in Dallas-Fort Worth.

DFW Food and Beverage, Inc., Presented by West Monroe

The Dallas Region knows the business of food. The area’s food industry, which generates $27 billion in economic output for our region, employs more than 420,000 workers and will add 40,000 additional jobs through 2025. Learn about the companies, resources, and assets that make DFW’s food industry one of the most robust & competitive in North America.

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