Preserving Texas’ Economic Development Success

      • Reauthorize Chapter 313 (Texas Economic Development Act) of the Tax Code.
      • Maintain competitive funding for the Texas Enterprise Fund and support amendments in adjusting income eligibility requirements.
      • Support efforts to define broadband a “universal need”, and increase broadband access for all Texans.

Investing in Texas’ Future Workforce

      • Maintain funding for higher education to increase education attainment levels, and funding for academic research to unlock innovation to strengthen Texas’ businesses now and in the future.
      • Further the progress made in the 86th Legislature by protecting an equitable, accountable, and well-funded public education system that prepares all children to pursue their dreams, including, but not limited to, a living wage job, college enrollment, or the military.
      • Provide access to quality and affordable childcare options that will enable greater workforce participation for parents, and improve long-term academic success for all children.

Supporting COVID-19 Recovery and a Sustainable Healthy Workforce

      • Promote a healthy workforce for Texas businesses by maximizing federal dollars for Medicaid.
      • Support policies that expand telemedicine and virtual health options as a way of delivering more high-quality care and promoting the safety of physicians and patients.
      • Fund construction of new behavioral health facilities and the expansion of inpatient facilities, as well as providing additional funds for outpatient care programs.

Additional state issues of DRC focus:

      • Transportation
      • Water
      • Energy
      • Local Control
      • Public Safety
      • Criminal Justice


Have a question or need help? The DRC’s Public Policy & Advocacy team is here to assist as you and your company navigate policy in the Dallas Region.


Accountability in North Texas

Following the 87th legislative session, the DRC will again produce a Pro-Growth Legislative Accountability Index. The index will track how North Texas legislators voted on issues critical to our business climate.

Legislative Contacts in Dallas, Austin, and Washington, DC

During this legislative session, you can stay up to date with key local, state and federal offices; including the City of Dallas, Texas House & Senate, US House and Senate, and Texas Legislature online.