Councils & Task Forces

Promote and drive important business initiatives through participation on DRC councils and task forces.


Economic Development Council (Participation subject to approval)
Provides expertise and guidance to help the DRC attract and grow companies in the Dallas Region.

Southern Dallas County Task Force
Engages in projects intended to promote Southern Dallas County as a business destination for business to propel job creation and innovation.

Innovation Task Force
Supports the launch and growth of state-of-the-art innovation through collaboration with entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and the business community.

International Task Force
Helps the DRC develop and respond to international business and marketing opportunities.


Education & Workforce Council
Oversees the DRC’s efforts to ensure a workforce pipeline that meets ever-changing business needs.

Talent Task Force
Guides the DRC’s work to address pressing talent needs of local employers, including recruitment, retention, and development.


Public Policy Advisory Council
Advises the DRC’s positions on local, state, and federal policy issues, ensuring the DRC is the leading advocacy voice for the business community.

Tech Policy Task Force
Helps identify critical tech policy matters at the local, state, and federal level and provides expert insight to inform the DRC’s position on tech-related policy issues.

Infrastructure Task Force
Helps inform and guide work on policy matters related to traditional infrastructure—mobility, water, broadband, and energy—to ensure the Dallas Region is prepared for continued prosperity.

Health Care Innovation Task Force
Convenes stakeholders and drives public policy priorities in health care in the Dallas Region to better prepare the business community for continued innovation and growth.


DEI Leaders Connect (Participation subject to approval)
Convenes senior leaders working in diversity, equity, and inclusion to discuss multifaceted challenges and opportunities with a focus on results-driven action.

Inclusion Council(Participation subject to approval)
Guides diversity, inclusion, and community engagement strategies for the DRC and its members to help make the Dallas Region more inclusive.


Leadership programs have additional annual program dues.

Leadership Programs Council* (Participation subject to approval)
Guides the DRC’s leadership development programming to ensure companies and the region have the diverse leaders they need at all levels of business.

Leadership Dallas* (Application Only)
An intensive program focused on leadership development, critical issues, and positive change in the Dallas Region.

Leadership Dallas Alumni
Helps Leadership Dallas graduates stay connected and continue to make a difference in the Dallas Region.

Young Professionals*
Connects emerging leaders to broaden their networks while developing their leadership skills for the future of their careers and our region.

LEAD YP* (Application Only)
Deepens young professionals’ understanding of their leadership style through a six-month hands-on curriculum.


Executive Women’s Roundtable* (Application Only)
A professional development and relationship-building organization for executive-level women to discuss industry challenges and broaden professional perspectives.

Welcoming New Executives (Invitation Only)
Welcomes executives who have recently joined the Dallas Region’s business community. Programming includes sessions with elected officials, business, and community leaders.


Finance & Audit Committee (Participation subject to approval)
Provides oversight of the DRC’s financial performance, including review and approval of management reports, audited financial statements, tax filings, budgets, and forecasts.

Investment Committee (Participation subject to approval)
Provides oversight of the DRC’s investment policies and practices, including review and approval of investment strategies devised with the DRC’s financial advisor.

*Councils or Task Forces which require additional investment, program membership, or specific requirements to participate.

Council and Task Force Request Form

Please select the council(s) and task force(s) in which you’d like to participate. Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis when space is available. Special consideration will be given to members with specific skills or expertise in various areas or industry diversity.

  • * Councils or Task Forces which require additional investment, program membership or specific requirements to participate.