In close coordination with our member companies, the DRC’s public policy team works with state elected officials to advocate for pro-growth public policies that strategically manage the region’s growth while maintaining a high quality of life for all who live and work here. The DRC’s legislative agenda includes issues most important to the Dallas Region’s business climate, including economic development, infrastructure, education, and health care.

During the 86th Texas Legislative Session the DRC produced the 2019 Legislative Accountability Index. This index is intended to communicate to our member companies and other stakeholders how this critical legislative session concluded.

Legislative Priorities At-a-Glance

Budget Priorities

  • Establish a sustainable and effect public school funding system
  • Maximize federal matching funds for Medicaid
  • Fund the Texas Enterprise Fund

Economic Development

  • Maintain economic development programs, like Chapter 312
  • Oppose discriminatory policies and legislation

Education & Workforce

  • Increase core research funding for Texas Institutions of Higher Education
  • Support Texas’ 60x30TX Plan to increase post-secondary attainment in working-age adults
  • Improve alignment of Career & Technical Education and Industry certifications
  • Full funding for existing residence slots in Texas


  • Protect local prioritization of transportation projects
  • Enable private investment for public private partnership project
  • Support for the Texas High Speed Rail project

Health Care

  • Increase funding for behavioral health care
  • Support stable, adequate and predictable health care funding, including trauma care funding and LPPF

Supporting Business Through Collaboration

The DRC Public Policy team advocates for business priorities through issue advocacy, member education, and collaboration with our regional partners, including other Chambers in North Texas and the METRO 8, which is comprised of the eight largest Texas chambers and the DRC chairs.

Accountability in North Texas

In 2019, the DRC will again produce a Pro-Growth Legislative Accountability Index. The index will track how North Texas legislators vote on issues critical to our business climate. We will also produce House and Senate district “heat maps” to visually translate the index results.

Legislative Contacts in Dallas, Austin, and Washington, DC

During this legislative session, you can stay up to date with key local, state and federal offices; including the City of Dallas, Texas House & Senate, US House and Senate, and Texas Legislature online.



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