New TWU Dallas president: Business community partnership is ‘critical to our success’

Portrait of Monica Christopher, the inaugural Texas Woman’s University Dallas Campus President (Leo Gonzalez / TWU Photo)

By Catie George, Manager, Communications & Storytelling

Monica Christopher, former Chair of the Dallas Regional Chamber’s (DRC) Leadership Dallas Alumni, took office as the inaugural President of Texas Woman’s University (TWU) Dallas Thursday, Feb. 1.

TWU is Texas’ first and only higher education system with a women-focused mission—which Christopher proudly bears.

“At TWU, our enrollment is 90% women, and we believe that when you educate a woman, you empower the world. When students complete a degree program, their life trajectory changes, not just financially,” said Christopher. “Having a college education and viable career options also changes the prospects for that person’s children and grandchildren. This is particularly true for students of color, and we are very proud that the demographics of our students on all TWU campuses mirror those of the communities we serve.”

Christopher, a longtime nonprofit executive and community relations veteran, brings deep-seated Dallas roots to her role in growing the TWU Dallas campus. In addition to her relationship-building track record in Dallas, Christopher benefits from her time in the DRC’s Leadership Dallas program.

“Leadership Dallas opened my eyes to so many things about Dallas that I might have never known. The program also gave me an opportunity to forge relationships with smart, talented people across our region who I might otherwise have never known,” Christopher said. “I still call on many of my classmates for advice and counsel and will continue to do so in my new role at TWU. It’s true that through Leadership Dallas, you build lifelong friendships.”

Christopher is excited to lead TWU Dallas and help the university become more involved with the Dallas business community.

Christopher on the TWU Dallas campus (Leo Gonzalez / TWU Photo)

“Partnering with the business community in new and expanded ways will be critical to our success. Given the degree programs offered at the Dallas campus, we have long relationships with some of the largest health care organizations–both nonprofit and for-profit–in Dallas,” Christopher said. “As we look to grow or expand programs, we will need to work closely with business leaders to help us better understand workforce gaps and opportunities for TWU to help fill those needs. To launch new programs in Dallas, we’ll need the business community to support us as thought partners and allies of our mission and, of course, to hire TWU graduates.”

In addition to working alongside the business community, TWU Dallas will continue to partner with other higher education institutions throughout the region.

“We are active partners in collaborative efforts like the Dallas County Promise and the Commit Partnership, which are working collectively to meet workforce needs by increasing the number of college-educated adults in the Dallas region,” Christopher said. “As we grow enrollment at TWU Dallas, we will be looking for gaps in educational opportunities and workforce needs not being served by other institutions in the region. There is untapped potential in certain sectors that TWU is well-positioned to take advantage of, particularly those that need more women.”

Christopher hopes that TWU Dallas’ new role in the region will attract more students and change more lives.

“Everyone can help us spread the word about the exciting things happening at TWU. With more community champions, we can have an even greater impact,” said Christopher. “TWU has an incredible story to tell, and I look forward to serving as our chief brand ambassador in Dallas.”

To get involved or learn more about TWU Dallas, visit their website. To learn more about Leadership Dallas through the Dallas Regional Chamber, visit our website.