Leaders Discuss DEI Reporting and Inclusive Holiday Celebrations

Project Unity sponsored the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Leaders Connect meeting on Dec. 7.

Since 2014, Project Unity has gathered thousands of people for tough conversations on race over a simple box meal (Together We Dine). Its national Together We Can program also empowers a lifestyle of mindfulness and action against racism.

Key takeaways:

      • Project Unity founder Richie Butler shared the success of Project Unity’s campaign Together We Vaccinate, an extension of the organization’s Together We Can initiative. Together We Vaccinate was created in partnership with WFAA to provide COVID-19 vaccines to communities with limited resources.
      • Project Unity’s premier Together We Dine program provides structured conversations on race relations for businesses and communities, emphasizing “what unites us is bigger than what divides us.”
      • DEI professionals exchanged ideas and best practices on annual DEI reporting, celebrating holidays inclusively, and hiring practices. DEI reporting was particularly important since a recent Dallas Business Journal article discussed the lags in diversity and inclusion disclosures.
      • Attendees discussed holiday celebrations and how to practice greater inclusivity and equity. The Faith Time Calender was shared to help plan more inclusive holiday celebrations, and the group also stressed the importance of mental health and wellness during the holidays, especially for people who recently lost someone.
      • The final topic of conversation was how to define a diverse slate of candidates. The article Understanding Diversity and Inclusion Practices in Talent Acquisition was shared.

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