DEI Leaders Connect

The purpose of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Leaders Connect group is to bring together DEI leaders in the Dallas region to discuss multifaceted DEI challenges and opportunities with a focus towards action.

This group is designed to provide a space for discussion of relevant topics DEI leaders are facing, sharing of knowledge and resources, cross-company collaboration on events and efforts, and mentorship of newer DEI leaders.



  • Why did we create this group?​

    In 2020, we saw a proliferation of new DEI roles at companies that were beginning their DEI journey. Some DEI leaders were a team of one in their organizations and did not have a dedicated network of other DEI professionals to lean on. Even more experienced DEI leaders were learning how to navigate a new landscape with increased momentum and attention to DEI efforts. 

    We saw that these leaders could benefit from a community of support to help them thrive, so we created DEI Leaders Connect to be a safe space where new and more experienced DEI leaders can go to ask questions, share ideas, and get reenergized in doing this work. 

  • Who is this group for?​

    This group is for Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs), senior DEI and HR leaders, and employee resource group (ERG) leaders and sponsors. This group is not for vendors, consultants, or recruiters. 

  • How often does the group meet?​

    The group meets quarterly for an hour, with an additional 15 minutes for networking. There may be additional small group meetings for specific topics. 

  • Where does the group meet?​

    The group meets virtually via ZoomResources and group discussion forums are hosted by the DRC in a virtual collaboration space via Microsoft Teams site 

  • Is this group exclusive to DRC members?​

    The group will be open to all DRC members. Nonmembers will be able to join meetings as guests but will not have access to the Microsoft Teams site.  

  • What is the value proposition for DEI leaders to join?

    In addition to engagement with a community of other DEI leaders, the DRC and group members will share resources and provide guidance for DEI leaders within the group. 




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