Business leaders discuss insights from DRC’s DEI Benchmarking Assessment

More than 30 area leaders from human resources and diversity, equity, and inclusion joined a virtual meeting of the DRC’s DEI Leaders Connect group on Tuesday, Feb.22. The meeting was sponsored by Kanarys, a Dallas-based technology company focused on providing the tools organizations need to create long-term systemic change around DEI.

Kanarys recently partnered with the Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC) to execute and launch the DRC DEI Benchmarking Assessment to help DRC members improve their DEI efforts by providing key baseline data to measure their progress annually.

Key takeaways:

      • Mandy Price, CEO and Co-Founder of Kanarys, shared emerging highlights from the DRC’s DEI Benchmarking Assessment launched in 2021. She touched on respondents’ overall organizational agility, supplier diversity program goals, and talent management, among other key findings.
      • DEI professionals provided their reasons to be involved in DEI Leaders Connect. They expressed their interest in learning best practices from fellow DEI practitioners to enhance their work and address immediate needs, such as adapting DEI efforts to hybrid workplaces.
      • The group discussed effective ways to get buy-in from senior and executive leadership on the recommendations from an employee belonging survey. Attendees emphasized the importance of connecting with leadership thoughtfully and learning why leadership either supports or opposes DEI work. The group also recommended defining what success will look like at the organization in financial and operational terms.

This group, which includes more than 100 members, is designed to discuss relevant DEI topics, share knowledge and resources, promote cross-company collaboration, and mentor newer DEI leaders. Sign up now.