Alongside our 700-plus member companies and regional partners, the DRC works hard each day to help improve the quality of life for all people in the Dallas Region through strategic, integrated work in our four focus areas: Prosperity & Economic Development; Education, Talent & Workforce; Public Policy; and Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement.

View our 2021-2023 strategic plan to reference our past priorities and how they translate to our plan today.

The work of the DRC’s strategic plan is funded by our Tomorrow Fund investors.


  • Prosperity & Economic Development

    The DRC works to ensure local companies and talent enjoy an ecosystem that promotes innovation and helps them grow and prosper. We promote the advantages of the Dallas Region to attract nonlocal companies and talent who can make valuable contributions to our community.

        • Grow local companies: Help local companies grow and expand, and increase job opportunities for local talent
        • Market to talent: Market the benefits of living and working in the Dallas Region to nonlocal talent to fill in-demand jobs
        • Attract companies: Promote the advantages of living, working, and doing business in the Dallas Region in order to recruit new businesses
        • Advance innovation: Foster the growth of startups, innovation, and university research to strengthen that ecosystem

    Learn more about our Prosperity & Economic Development efforts.

  • Education, Talent & Workforce

    The economic success of the Dallas Region is closely tied to the quality of our regional talent pipeline, from early childhood through K-12, and higher education to a job or career. The DRC fosters collaboration between the local  business community and educational institutions to meet the talent needs of our region.

        • Foster employer-education partnerships: Identify and advocate for employers’ needs to build a talented workforce
        • Prepare future workers for college and career: Work to ensure an educational pipeline that best prepares today’s students to excel as tomorrow’s employees
        • Upskill adult learners: Match upskilling and re-skilling opportunities for workers with employers’ ever-evolving needs
        • Retain and grow local talent: Amplify efforts to retain and grow local talent to meet the needs of Dallas Region employers

    Learn more about our Education, Talent & Workforce efforts.

  • Public Policy

    As the voice of the Dallas Region’s business community, the DRC connects member companies with key stakeholders at all levels of government to advocate for pro-business, pro-growth policies that ensure the continued prosperity of our region while supporting a high quality of life for all.

        • Protect Texas’ business climate: Work to preserve what makes Texas the nation’s best state for  business
        • Build an educated workforce: Support policies and funding for the entire educational pipeline, rom pre-K to adult learners
        • Invest in our future: Promote investments in infrastructure to improve quality of life for all and accommodate future growth
        • Advocate for North Texans: Advocate for outcomes that support the health and safety of all people in the Dallas Region

    Learn more about our Public Policy efforts.

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement

    The DRC works with companies and the community to increase diversity and access for under-championed populations at all levels of education and business and throughout the community. We help companies be great partners in diversity, inclusion, and community engagement throughout the Dallas Region.

        • Promote diversity in leadership: Educate companies on the benefits of greater diversity in C-suites and Board rooms
        • Invest in under-championed communities: Help drive economic development and jobs to Southern Dallas County to narrow the opportunity gaps that exist there
        • Education for all: Advocate for improved educational outcomes for under-championed populations to create a more diverse talent pipeline
        • Strengthen public safety relationships: Support companies’ efforts to build trust between institutions of public safety and the communities they serve

    Learn more about our Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement efforts.


Going above and beyond membership, an investment in the DRC’s Tomorrow Fund makes possible our strategic efforts to improve the quality of life for all people while enhancing the business climate and the economy of the Dallas Region. By investing in the Tomorrow Fund, you become a valued partner in our long-term mission and enhance your company’s ability to do good for our region and all the people who live, work, and do business here.