Three reasons to join LEAD YP

By Annette Addo-Yobo, Manager, Leadership Programs

Are you curious about the secret recipe that turns ordinary leaders into extraordinary trailblazers? Join our LEAD YP leadership development program to unravel the art of cultivating personal greatness. Through a hands-on curriculum, LEAD YP deepens young professionals’ understanding of their leadership style and primes them to grow into leaders who champion the Dallas Region.

LEAD YP alumni at the DRC’s 2024 Annual Meeting.

Here are three reasons why LEAD YP is your next step in professional and personal leadership development:

1. Training

LEAD YP provides monthly training on personal leadership, branding, coaching, and feedback. Each month, a unique class day gives participants insight into a different aspect of the work the Dallas Regional Chamber does to help make the Dallas Region extraordinary, and it highlights ways they can contribute to these efforts.

2. Connection

LEAD YP members will connect and build relationships with other like-minded individuals and young professionals in the Dallas Region who are both lifelong learners and emerging leaders. This opportunity is well-suited for people just beginning in their careers, those seeking more professional connections, or anyone hoping to make like-minded, new friends!

3. Service

Graduates of LEAD YP will have the opportunity to serve on the Young Professionals Advisory Council at the Dallas Regional Chamber to develop their skills further and have an impact on young professionals in the Dallas Region.

Applications close Wednesday, Feb. 14, so apply today and don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to join the next generation of change-makers. For questions regarding LEAD YP, contact Annette Addo-Yobo at