Designed exclusively for a small selection of YP members, the LEAD YP program focuses on leadership education and training of YP members who are seeking development opportunities in their careers, companies, and communities. The initiatives are geared toward identifying and enhancing the skills necessary for individual growth creating professional and civic forward momentum.


Who Should Apply: The program is best suited to individuals who are “life learners” and believe continuous professional development is critical to mastering new and increasingly more complex leadership roles throughout their career.

What You Gain: You will gain a better understanding of your own leadership style, what you can improve upon, and new ideas for leading and inspiring others throughout your career. As a LEAD YP member, you will be paired with a mentor who will help guide you through the program as well as your career.

Application Process: Applications open in the fall. Participants will be chosen based on history and expressed desire to improve leadership skills both civically and professionally throughout your career. DRC YP membership is required to apply to this program.

Program Structure: This program includes a retreat, three classroom sessions, a panel discussion, a program-initiated panel event, a formalized social event, graduation, and a mentorship opportunity. The program will be geared toward identifying key DRC YP members, developing future DRC YP Board Members, and DRC community leaders in the workplace. Participants must commit to attend all events.

Other Key Program Requirements:

  • Serve in a key position on one DRC YP Committee (can be any of the YP committees)
  • Attend the YP Summit in the fall
  • Attend one Leaders Series Luncheon
  • Meet with your mentor on an agreed upon schedule

Cost: $500 per participant (This fee is nonrefundable and all funds will be used to cover expenses of the program such as meals, training materials, speaker fees, and ticket to YP Summit, etc.)

Learn more about LEAD YP

LEAD YP applications open Thursday, September 26, 2019! Join our interest list to stay in the know for all things LEAD YP.