Pandemic Gives Business Chance to Shine

Dave Moore, Staff Writer

While COVID-19 is threatening the world’s fiscal and physical health, it also offers business leaders the chance to demonstrate that they can be a powerful force for good.

That’s one of the motivations behind the Dallas Regional Chamber’s launch of its COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall video series, which kicked off Thursday, March 19, featuring DRC President and CEO Dale Petroskey in discussion with 2020 DRC Board Chair John Olajide.

Olajide’s company, AXXESS, is a leading developer of software that allows patients to receive health care at home. He said that while technology is leading that way generally, with greater work-at-home capabilities, the novel coronavirus outbreak has pushed almost all of his firm’s workforce to work remotely.

While physical separation is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Olajide said the practice of social distancing might be contributing a sense of isolation among individuals and organizations. He said it’s crucial that everyone and every organization galvanize to overcome the threat of the novel coronavirus. He added the DRC is playing a crucial role in making that happen.

“The leaders in this community – the political leaders, business leaders, community leaders – are working together on all issues to get us through this,” Olajide said. “Whether it’s a strategic issue, or tactical, or in the weeds, we’re in this, we’re rolling up our sleeves, and we’re doing the right thing.”

Petroskey said a recent DRC Executive Committee meeting revealed that virtually all sectors – airlines, education, hospitality, utilities, restaurants, and even real estate – will likely be impacted by COVID-19. Accordingly, the DRC is working with market segment leaders to bring assistance to where it’s needed, and to call attention to companies’ good deeds.

Through the work of its staff, the Virtual Town Hall, and its website, the DRC is calling attention to the generosity and good deeds being done by our business community. To share a story about what your company is doing as part of the force for good, please email Milton Grays,