Celebrating the LEAD YP Class of 2019

Cathryn McClellan, Manager, Leadership Programs

The DRC’s Young Professionals’ LEAD YP Class of 2019 gathered Nov. 14 to celebrate the completion of the leadership development program. Partners, mentors, colleagues, and YP Advisory Council members were on hand to recognize the class for its accomplishments.

The ceremony began with Audra Cozart, senior LEAD YP chair, welcoming the crowd. In her own way, Cozart was also graduating as she concluded her final year chairing the program, ending her leadership journey with the Young Professionals. She has mentored several classes and has emerged as a stronger leader.

This celebration concluded a 10-month program the class embarked upon in January. Participants came in with their own goals and reasons for applying to the program, but over the past 10 months, YP classmates developed a deeper understanding of themselves and their capabilities. The group of future leaders planned classes to educate their peers on a variety of topics, from how to navigate a multigenerational workforce, to a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative work going on in the region, to gaining a better understanding of their own strengths during their leadership journey.

As members of the LEAD YP Class of 2019 received their certificates of completion, they beamed with pride for investing in themselves and their leadership journeys. The class’ charge is to share what they have learned, to challenge the norm, and to continue investing in themselves and others.

Congratulations to the LEAD YP Class of 2019 – the region’s future is bright with emerging leaders such as you taking the lead.

To learn more about the DRC’s Young Professionals program, click here.

Cathryn McClellan is the Leadership Manager for the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Young Professionals program.