Veterans Day: Honoring Those Who Have Served

By Matthew Berger, Director of Communications

Gus Cabarcas, Northeast Texas Regional Coordinator

The Dallas Region is home to over 358,000 veterans (2022 est.) according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. That’s nearly a quarter of Texas’ entire veteran population. With such a large community living in our region, the Dallas Regional Chamber is proud to support Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 11.

The DRC recently spoke with Gus Cabarcas, Northeast Texas Regional Coordinator for Combined Arms, on the importance of celebrating Veterans Day and how we can help those who have served our country.

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Why is it important to recognize Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a reminder that freedom is not free. It is an opportunity to commemorate the contributions of living veterans publicly and to show appreciation toward them. If you find a veteran, ask them a few questions. Ask them when they served, where they served, what branch they served, what they did while they served, and finally, thank them for their service.

How can businesses address the challenges within the veteran community? What are businesses doing right? What are the areas of improvement?

Businesses can seek military/veteran talent for open positions, adopt a veteran resource group, and volunteer in the veteran community. These are all things that Combined Arms/Texas Veterans Network can help with.

Please share with us some veteran-serving organizations in the Dallas Region you support. Why do you support them?

The TVN’s network is 240 best-in-class veteran-serving organizations, 72 of which are in the DFW area. CLC, Texas Veterans Commission, Wounded Warrior Project, and Texas lawyers for Texas Veterans are our top requested organizations in North Texas.

What moment in your career shaped its current trajectory? How do you stay motivated now and in the future?

I am an Army veteran who, on Sept. 11th, 2001, while serving as a New York City Police Sergeant, personally experienced and witnessed the attacks on the World Trade Center. I’d say serving in both capacities instilled a sense of service that I could never walk away from.

I’m one of many veterans that are continuing service by giving back to our communities and connecting veterans to resources that they have earned.

Read more on how to support a veteran and other veteran’s resources here.