Three reasons why Say Yes to Dallas is a game-changer for employers

By Dylan Guest, Director, Communications

Say Yes to Dallas, created by the Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC), promotes the Dallas Region as an attractive destination for talent, businesses, and investment by showcasing the region’s vibrant culture, diverse business community, economic strength, and amenities that make it an ideal living destination.

Young professionals continue to “say yes” to Dallas.

The talent attraction and retention campaign can help companies in the Dallas Region “say yes” to prosperity. Keep reading to learn three reasons how Say Yes to Dallas can help you hire and retain top talent around the region.

1. Streamlining access to top talent

As a talent attraction initiative, Say Yes to Dallas places a high importance on showcasing job opportunities for local and outside talent. It provides a centralized location for job seekers to explore employment options in the Dallas Region, making it easier for local companies to connect with qualified candidates.

Trending industries in the region, such as health care, are also emphasized with their own pages, which include education and training programs, skill breakdowns, salary information, and available jobs. The ever-evolving Recruiting Toolkit provides a wealth of valuable information for recruiters as well.

Companies can also be highlighted as a “Featured Employer.” This gives the company a personalized page and targeted social media posts on Say Yes to Dallas to promote local job postings and feature stories/articles, videos, and any other assets of its choosing. To become a Featured Employer, please contact Rebecca L. Robinson at

2. Keeping top talent

Once you have good talent hired, the next step is retaining it.  Fortunately, Say Yes to Dallas supports companies for talent retention, too.

Through the platform’s Essentials Guide, employers and recruiters can provide talent with all the information they need about living in the Dallas Region. This includes interactive maps with information on the region’s 200+ cities and counties, transportation guides, education and schooling options, and an innovative cost calculator tool that allows users to calculate their cost of living compared to other regions across the country. Transitioning to a new region can be overwhelming, but Say Yes to Dallas simplifies the process by providing comprehensive resources to help others navigate the Dallas Region with confidence.

A Say Yes to Dallas event at the DRC.

The Harvard Business Review affirms that employees having time for their passions is crucial to employee retention, and the Dallas Region has boundless opportunities for employees to enjoy their life outside of the office. Say Yes to Dallas contains detailed, up-to-date information on the region’s parks and outdoor areas, cultural activities, food and drink locations, major events, and more, all in one place. Additionally, My Dallas Story, another valuable resource on the platform, features stories from locals on what makes the region the dynamic hotspot that it is.

3. Enjoy the benefits of economic, professional development

Professional development opportunities organized by Say Yes to Dallas also take place regularly, such as intern mixers and networking opportunities alongside the DRC’s Leadership Programs. The website’s trending industries pages also include a list of low-cost and tuition-free skill-development programs, facilitating the workforce’s potential for upskilling and reskilling.

Say Yes to Dallas is a boon to the region’s economic development by fostering a talent pipeline for existing local companies and incoming ones, a priority in the DRC’s 2024-2026 strategic plan. The importance of this commitment continues to grow as Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro lead the way in corporate projects across the country. 

Say Yes to Dallas is a talent attraction initiative of the DRC committed to attracting and retaining talented workers from around the world. To learn more about the DRC’s priorities, visit our website.