The DRC is Getting North Texas Back to Business with New Vaccine Public Awareness Campaign

With its new “Take Care of Business” effort, the Dallas Regional Chamber announces sweepstakes to encourage 600,000 more North Texans to get vaccinated

The Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC) today launched the “Take Care of Business” multimedia vaccine public awareness campaign with a goal to increase the percentage of North Texans ages 16 and older receiving at least one vaccination shot from the current 60% to 70% this summer. As vaccine rates slowed in Texas and nationally, the DRC decided to launch a campaign at this crucial time to encourage more people to get vaccinated in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, and Denton Counties so local businesses can thrive again.

The initial campaign, which begins today, includes targeted social media, outdoor billboard advertising, and a microsite which will serve as an information hub for vaccinations and a sweepstakes tied to the campaign. Later this summer, the DRC will offer prizes in random drawings as incentives for residents to get vaccinated. The prizes have been donated by DRC members and other community partners, including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Dallas Wings and FC Dallas and will range from prime seats for local professional sporting events to free roundtrip airline tickets. To learn more about the sweepstakes, visit

On June 23, DRC will launch the public service announcement (PSA) phase of the campaign. The PSA campaign will be featured on local television and radio, through audio announcements in local grocery stores and on video screens in physicians’ waiting rooms across North Texas.

The campaign is making a special effort to reach communities of color, which have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. For example, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Hispanic Texans make up 40% of the population, but account for 52% of the reported COVID-19 cases and just 33% of vaccinations to date. Black Texans make up 12% of the population, but account for 15% of the reported COVID-19 cases and just 8% of the vaccinations to date.

“Getting the vaccine is about protecting you, but that’s not all it’s about. It’s also about protecting the employees of every North Texas business so they can fully reopen and get back to the life they deserve. And that’s everyone’s business,” says Dale Petroskey, President and CEO of the Dallas Regional Chamber.

The campaign will include supporting mobile vaccinations at community events such as the Juneteenth March at Fair Park and the Juneteenth Unity Weekend Celebration and partnerships with community organizations such as Abounding Prosperity, Behind Every Door, and Concord Church to host vaccination drives. Additionally, the campaign will sponsor a phone bank to reach people in communities of color with the facts about the vaccines. The campaign will also partner with other local North Texas business organizations, such as Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and Plano Chamber of Commerce, to provide North Texans with the information they need to get vaccinated.

“Vaccinations are the key to getting back to business in North Texas,” says Michelle Vopni, Dallas Office Managing Partner for EY and chair of the Board of the Dallas Regional Chamber. “When you choose to get vaccinated, you’re choosing to support the businesses that make our region thrive. It’s time to unmask and support our businesses again, but to do so, North Texans must get vaccinated. That’s why today, we’re asking you, your neighbors and your employees to get vaccinated.”

One in three North Texas small businesses have closed their doors since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the DRC’s Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker from May 23. To enable more businesses to stay open and continue to thrive, 600,000 more North Texans need to be vaccinated in the coming months.

“While it may seem like North Texas is open for business again, the local economy is far from fully recovered, and some communities have been impacted much more than others. Small business owners– like your hairstylist, your dry cleaner, your local restaurant owner – have been impacted far greater than most across the region. The goal of our campaign is to allow everyone to get back to business so they can once again support themselves and their loved ones,” says Latosha Herron Bruff, senior vice president for community engagement at the Dallas Regional Chamber.

To learn more about the “Take Care of Business” initiative to get North Texas back to business, please visit

Additional Statements from Campaign Participants and Supporters

“When the vaccines became available, I had plenty of questions and researched them all. The results of my research and responses from my doctor made me say ‘yes’ to the vaccine. I got the vaccine because I am mindful of my chemo-compromised immune system as result of my being a cancer survivor, and I wanted to improve my chances of beating COVID-19, as I know people who died from the virus. Fortunately, data show that my chances of survival are much better now that I have received both doses of the vaccine.”

Cynt Marshall
Chief Executive Officer, Dallas Mavericks
Member, Board of Directors for the Dallas Regional Chamber


“I have witnessed first-hand how this pandemic has hurt so many Hispanic-owned businesses. The vaccine is the fastest and easiest way to end the pandemic, which will allow local businesses to reopen and give our communities and families the opportunity to gather as one again.”

Beatrice Alba Martinez
Owner, Beatrice Martinez Realtors
Member, Board of Directors for the Dallas Regional Chamber Board Vice-Chair, Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


“I know how hard it is to manage working while taking care of family responsibilities. But taking the time to get vaccinated should be your highest priority. It will protect you, your loved ones and will help our community and businesses fully reopen. And we all want to help the people who work in the businesses that have always been there for us, and we care about them.”

Hilda Galvan Jones Day
Partner-in-Charge Dallas
Member, Board of Directors for the Dallas Regional Chamber


“We have a lot of work to do in terms of supporting our most vulnerable communities, ensuring that they have equal access to vaccines and dispelling any lingering distrust that they may have based on our history. As a leader in the Black community, I am committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that our friends and families understand the importance of vaccination.”

T.D. Jakes
Chairman of the T.D. Jakes Foundation


“When it comes to vaccination, we all have to do our part to put an end to this pandemic. As a community leader who is fortunate to have a platform, I feel it is my responsibility to use my voice to encourage my community to protect themselves and others.”

Hattie Hill
President & CEO, T.D. Jakes Foundation
Member, Board of Directors for the Dallas Regional Chamber


“As our community’s public health system, Parkland is the foundation for a healthy Dallas, particularly in the neighborhoods that need us most. That’s why we are encouraging our patients and others in the community to consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The more people who receive the vaccine, the quicker we can stop this pandemic and get life back to normal.”

Joseph Chang, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Parkland Health & Hospital System


“I’m excited to be working with the Dallas Regional Chamber to bring awareness to the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine! This is one of the most important initiatives for our state right now and with your help we can achieve our goal of getting 70%+ of North Texans fully vaccinated this summer”, said Councilmember Gyna Bivens. “If you are already vaccinated thank you! However, there is still work to do! Make sure you check in with friends, family, and co-workers to make sure they are doing their part and getting the vaccine!”

Councilwoman Gyna M. Bivens
District Five, City of Fort Worth


“We all want to get back to living freely, and the quickest way to do that is by making sure you and your loved ones are getting the vaccine. Hospitals, businesses, and community leaders are partnering together to ensure that North Texas leads the county in making sure our city is safe. It is up to each and every one of us to do our part and get the vaccine. We can get back to our way of life, and it starts with you.”

Shandra Colón
Collin County Businessowner
North Texas Community Leader


“With the announcement of the Take Care of Business campaign, the Dallas Regional Chamber has expressed their commitment to ensuring that North Texans have the education about and accessibility to the COVID-19 vaccine. But vaccines do not save lives—vaccinations do. And to increase vaccinations, we must maximize outreach into our communities to inform them about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. This is our only clear path to defeating this virus, and I look forward to working with the Dallas Regional Chamber to support their efforts.”

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
30th District of Texas
First Registered Nurse Elected to Congress


“We have seen the encouraging trend of fewer cases and fewer hospitalizations since the start of vaccination, demonstrating the value and effectiveness of the vaccination effort thus far. As the more contagious variants of the virus become more prevalent, vaccination remains our best option for sustaining these downward trends. In the “race” to beat COVID-19 and get back to business, we can see the finish line ahead and need to keep pushing forward to finish strong.”

Dr. James Cutrell
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in Infectious Diseases and President of the Texas Infectious Diseases Society
UT Southwestern Medical Center