Statement from Dale Petroskey regarding Texas Central and Amtrak high-speed rail collaboration

Texas Central Partners and Amtrak announced Wednesday, Aug. 9, they are seeking opportunities to advance planning and analysis work associated with the proposed Dallas-Houston 205-mph high-speed rail project to further determine its viability.

Dale Petroskey, President and CEO of the Dallas Regional Chamber, said the following:

“For nearly a decade, the Dallas Regional Chamber has worked in support of a high-speed passenger rail connecting Dallas and Houston, and we are excited by the possibility that the new partnership between Texas Central and Amtrak will bring this vision closer to fruition.

Dallas and Houston are two of our country’s fastest-growing cities and two of the major economic engines for our state. Connecting the two cities’ business centers would effectively double the market size for businesses in the Dallas Region while providing a safe, dependable transportation option to millions of Texans and reducing congestion on our highways.

The Dallas Regional Chamber stands at the ready to work with our partners across the state in the hopes of delivering this next economic engine to Texans.”

The Dallas Regional Chamber first came out in support of a high-speed rail line in 2014 and was actively involved through January 2022, culminating with the filing of an Amicus Brief with the Texas Supreme Court in support of Texas Central.