‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’: Barnes & Thornburg’s Victor Vital Pays Tribute to Black History

By Chatashia Brown, Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement 

In the heart of Black History Month, the Dallas Regional Chamber is highlighting remarkable individuals who exemplify the spirit of resilience, excellence, and leadership within the African American community. For Victor Vital, Office Managing Partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP and a towering figure in the legal arena, this month serves as a moment to reflect on the rich history of African American contributions to the United States and the world.   

“African Americans have been so instrumental and foundational to this country,” Vital shares. “From childhood, this month has been a special [time] to reflect on our achievements and importance in this country and in the world.” 

Vital acknowledges the Black leaders and role models who have inspired him on his journey and paved the way for his success.  

“Booker T. Washington and Thurgood Marshall are the two Black leaders who have inspired me the most,” he said. “Great men; great Americans; champions for African Americans and for progress and justice!”   

Victor’s successes in the courtroom are legendary. With over two decades of practice and more than 100 trials under his belt, he is hailed as a formidable force in Dallas and across the country. 

“My experience and expertise in this space are who I am,” he emphasizes. “My daily goal is to bring who I am to the table, and I believe that necessarily fosters a culture [of diversity, equity, and inclusion].” 

For those aspiring to follow in his footsteps, Vital advises to “plant seeds for the future you desire through your intentions and dreams.” 

Despite his numerous accolades, Vital remains grounded in his commitment to honoring African Americans in his field.  

“We stand on the shoulders of giants,” said Vital. “We honor the legacy and contributions of those giants through demonstrating and embodying excellence in the spaces that have been paved for us by those who have gone before us.” 

Through his leadership, Vital continues to inspire others to embrace their heritage, pursue their dreams, and strive for a future defined by diversity, equity, and inclusion.