Resource Center’s CEO Cece Cox: “Recognizing and celebrating Pride Month is crucial”

By Catie George, Director, Communications & Storytelling

The Resource Center is one of the primary lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) and HIV/AIDS service organizations in the United States. CEO Cece Cox discussed corporate responsibility surrounding LGBTQ workers and the importance of acceptance in the workplace with the Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC) for Pride Month.

“Recognizing and celebrating Pride Month is crucial for businesses because it demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. It shows support for LGBTQIA+ employees, customers, and the broader community,” said Cox. “Celebrating Pride Month fosters a welcoming environment, which can enhance employee morale, attract diverse talent, and impact retention. It also sends a strong message about the company’s values, helping to build a positive reputation and brand loyalty.”

Cox shared that the Dallas business community would greatly benefit from having inclusive workplaces.

“A diverse and inclusive workplace brings numerous benefits, including increased creativity, better decision-making, and higher employee engagement. It fosters a culture of respect and collaboration, which can enhance productivity and innovation,” she said. “Inclusive workplaces also tend to attract top talent and have lower turnover rates. Moreover, companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion often enjoy a stronger reputation and greater customer loyalty. At the Resource Center, when our employees and culture are diverse, we are better able to serve the members of our rainbow community.”

Corporations can also use their platforms to promote LGBTQIA+ visibility and understanding through partnerships and education opportunities.

“Companies can effectively advocate for LGBTQIA+ inclusion through intentional focus and commitment, and it’s important that executive leadership demonstrate that inclusion is a priority,” Cox said. “They can also highlight stories and achievements of LGBTQIA+ employees and leaders, both internally and externally. Engaging in public advocacy and supporting laws and policies that protect LGBTQIA+ rights can further amplify their commitment to the cause.”

Cox speaking at the DRC’s 2023 State of DEI.

The future of business is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, said Cox.

“My advice to business leaders is to start by listening to their LGBTQIA+ employees and understanding their needs and challenges,” she said. “As society progresses, the expectation for businesses to be champions of LGBTQIA+ rights will grow, and that needs to include standing against discriminatory laws and initiatives. Those who lead the way will be recognized as pioneers in the movement for equality and inclusion.”

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