Member Spotlight with [x]cube LABS

Bharath Lingam, [x]cube LABS
Bharath Lingam, CEO of [x]cube LABS discusses how his company is helping shape a tomorrow that is powered by digital technologies through transforming local enterprises into digital native enterprises and building tech that influences our lives daily.

How does your company help other businesses become more effective?
To continue to be relevant in today’s world, businesses need effective digital strategy and execution – and that’s where we excel.

We help companies invent their digital future with our “Digital Native Enterprise” strategic framework. Utilizing our expertise in Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, blockchain and mixed reality, we roll out digital experiences that appeal to customers and digital platforms that help create new lines of business for our clients. Essentially, we help enterprises achieve rapid, yet focused innovation that helps them stay relevant on the global stage.

What differentiates your company from others in your industry?
In an industry filled with experts, we’re practitioners with a capital ‘P.’ We make significant investments every year building our own intellectual properties (IP) and products and taking them to the market. We’re one of the leading players in Hollywood IP-based mobile games. By building these products and taking them to tens of millions of users, we acquire new knowledge around building highly scalable and engaging consumer products, which we can then pass on to our customers.

As a result of these efforts, we built Upshot, our customer engagement platform we offer as a service to our clients.

On the IoT side, we’ve delivered more than 75 successful IoT projects across industries such as health care, manufacturing, agriculture, building automation, etc. Here again, we’ve developed a durable framework and set of components called Mobius Loop, which allow you to launch a new IoT product in less than eight weeks and manage the complete device life cycle.

This unique mix of practitioner insights, successful methodologies and pre-existing IP makes us a unique partner for digital transformation. With an extremely well trained global team of 600 people, it also gives us the scale to successfully serve all of our clients.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in Dallas?
There are multiple reasons why Dallas is the right fit for our business. Our region has a terrific pool of talent cutting across creative, technology and big enterprise. A number of large enterprises have presence in Dallas, and at the same time, there is also a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Culturally, Dallas is an extremely welcoming city, where the people are helpful and warm, and you gain genuine friendship in relationships. Most of all, though, I’d say it’s the entire ecosystem that Dallas offers — industry, infrastructure, growth opportunities, and more — that makes Dallas the right location for our business.

Why did you decide to become a DRC member?
What better organization to be part of than the DRC? As a business, we have a consistent track record of being active in the local business and entrepreneurship communities. The DRC is a particularly good fit for us because of its focus on creating a mutually beneficial, collaborative network of businesses and business leaders. The DRC outlines priorities such as ‘innovation and startup community,’ and has a strong focus on tomorrow — all values that align with our organization. The various programs that DRC runs also hold a lot of promise for us as a business as we look to help grow the region and its business leaders.

How has your business changed in the past five years?
We’ve built considerable momentum and made significant IP investments in our chosen pillars of customer experience transformation, digital platforms, IoT and AI. We’ve developed industry-leading methodologies on digital strategy and governance, which earned us industry recognition as a top player from the likes of AWS and Google. Now, we’re focused on creating more market access and visibility to these competencies.