Member Spotlight: OSU Spears School of Business

Abbey Davis, Director of the Eastin Center for Career Readiness and Kenneth Kern, Assistant Director of Business Graduate Programs at Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business, tell us about how OSU is helping to develop the talent pipeline and connect businesses to qualified employees in the Dallas Region.

Briefly tell us about your company and its work in the Dallas Region.

Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business exists to prepare people to make a difference in the world by teaching essential interpersonal skills alongside a high-quality business education backed by impactful research and outreach. With many of our students being from North Texas, it’s only natural for us to engage with employers and communities in North Texas. We hope to help partner with Dallas Regional Chamber members in order to build a strong pipeline of orange talent from Stillwater to Dallas and help professionals in the area further their education through our high-quality degree programs.

How does your DRC membership help you connect with other business professionals?

With our membership established, connections between OSU representatives and business professionals in the Dallas Region have accelerated in many ways. Through Spears School of Business-sponsored networking events in North Texas and DRC events, we’ve been able to achieve broader awareness of affordable, high-quality academic degree and certificate programs delivered 100 percent online. Our membership also helps us connect with employers who are looking to add non-local talent to their Dallas teams.

Why is Dallas important to your business?

Being part of the Dallas community is important to the Spears School of Business as we foster alumni relations, enhance existing corporate partnerships, and raise awareness of internship and employment opportunities aligning with current student expertise. We offer many specialty programs and certificates that equip our students for the growing career opportunities with Dallas employers. By connecting with the Dallas community, we are better able to support and serve our students.

How has your business changed over the last five years?

After nearly two years of consultations, meetings, and discussions with students, recruiters, faculty, and OSU alumni from across the nation, Dean Ken Eastman sought the approval to upgrade the core curriculum in the OSU Spears School of Business. Reinvigorated by the opening of a new Business Building in January 2018, collaborative environments for students, faculty, and staff have had a propelling impact on the mission and values of our college.

Based on feedback from recruiters and others, some of the key objectives of the core curriculum upgrade were:

  • Help the diverse range of students to develop interpersonal skills, critical thinking, professionalism, and leadership. In doing so, we not only give our students a distinct advantage in preparation for the entry-level job market but also foster successful transition and more rapid progression during their early career stages.
  • Ensure development of the technology skills of our students – particularly with respect to Microsoft Excel and data analytics, which are increasingly requested by employers.
    Focus on applied accounting and financial knowledge (e.g., comprehension and strategic use of financial statements, preparation of budgets, etc.).
  • Use active and collaborative teaching methods so that students have numerous opportunities to practice their interpersonal and analytical skills, collaborate with peers, become better critical thinkers, and be career ready.