Member Spotlight with Drug Prevention Resources

Becky Vance, Drug Prevention Resources

Becky Vance, President and CEO, tells us about Drug Prevention Resources, an 83-year-old Dallas health and wellness organization that tells a better story than “just say no to drugs.”

Briefly tell us about your organization and its work in the Dallas Region.
Drug Prevention Resources (DPR) is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to create a drug-free generation through collaboration, innovation, education, and advocacy. We show parents and kids how to navigate the turbulent teenage years by helping teens develop social and emotional skills, and learn to value themselves and others. We educate parents about how to embrace their role as the No. 1 influencer in their child’s life. We collaborate with community leaders around innovative approaches that support creating a drug-free generation of youth. We work directly with the Dallas Independent School District and offer programs in Dallas, Ellis, and Navarro counties. We envision a generation of youth who are well equipped to resist peer pressure, set goals, make sound decisions, manage their emotions, and communicate effectively in order to become successful, thriving adults.

What can you offer DRC members?
In addition to online resources available on our website, DPR offers presentations to parents and families on the latest drug trends specific to North Texas, how to spot potential problems in your child’s environment and even in your own home, and how to arm yourselves with prevention tools to minimize the chances and reduce the risks of substance use in your family. DPR also teaches companies about drug-free workplace issues and what to do when substances — and/or their effects — are discovered. We focus on minimizing the impact to your bottom line.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in Dallas?
We like knowing that DPR’s staff and board are contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of the youth and families of Dallas. We gain great joy in preventing youth substance use by changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, and helping students grow their sense of esteem and well-being.

Why did you decide to become a DRC member?
Collaboration is part of our DNA, with both the nonprofit and for-profit communities. We want to continuously build relationships by living out our mission through collaboration, innovation, education, and advocacy with members of the DRC.

How has your business changed in the past five years?
Drug Prevention Resources (DPR) traces its roots to September 24, 1935, when a group of churches formed our predecessor organization in response to the end of prohibition. The idea was to educate the public about the impact of alcohol on individuals, families, and society. Although the early education efforts were steeped in morality, they did form the basis of how DPR operates today, with a prevention message wrapped in a public health-based approach to addressing substance use and misuse.

Throughout the decades of delivering prevention education messages in schools, churches, and community settings, DPR has stayed true to one of its founding principles: offering hope to young people and families.