Member Spotlight: Associated Time

Christopher Archer, President of Associated Time, tells us about his company’s commitment to the Dallas Region through its 60-year membership with the Dallas Regional Chamber.

Why has your company continued its membership with the DRC for 60 years?

Associated Time has continued its membership with the Dallas Regional Chamber for 60 years for several key reasons. The DRC has been an important resource as we have grown and adapted to the ever-changing business climate in DFW. It has helped us understand and focus our efforts on the Dallas business landscape, and improved our knowledge and customer service initiatives. The DRC has also provided great resources and networking opportunities for our sales team and company leadership.

How does your company help other businesses become more effective?

Associated Time helps other businesses by providing a robust and effective time and labor management system, which keeps companies compliant with today’s labor rules and regulations. An example of this is the recent Dallas ordinance for sick pay. Likewise, on the parking and access side of our business, we provide companies the opportunity to maximize possible revenues through “state-of-the-art” parking revenue control systems, while providing security for their businesses and employees. We also help keep businesses safe and compliant with our fire alarm systems.

What differentiates your company from others in your industry?

What makes Associated Time different is our people. We have the best employees and team that are not only experts in what we do but experts in providing quality customer service. The average tenure of our employees is about 15 years, which we value as one of our greatest assets as a company. Without our great employees and team, we could not have maintained our steady and consistent growth over the years. Finally, we offer world-class products and solutions in all of our core businesses.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in Dallas?

First and foremost, we enjoy doing business in Dallas because it is our hometown; having started here in 1953, it is near and dear to our hearts. In addition, the variety and quality of the people and companies that we get to work with in Dallas makes doing business here a true pleasure. We appreciate the relationships and loyalty that companies here in Dallas also emphasize, just as we do here at Associated Time.

How has your business changed since joining the DRC?

Obviously, having joined the DRC 60 years ago, our business has changed a lot. We truly believe that we have been fortunate to be a DRC member all these years, and our involvement has helped us grow and expand to become an industry leader in our markets. We plan to be member for the next 60 years and beyond.