Honoring Hispanic heritage, diversity with Capital One’s Jorge Calderon

By Catie George, Manager, Communications and Storytelling

As the Dallas Market President for Capital One, Jorge Calderon is the first Hispanic Market President at a top 10 bank. Calderon, who is a member of the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Board of Directors, has a track record of growing sales-centric businesses. To help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Calderon told the DRC how he approaches honoring Hispanic heritage and diversity – and how the two impact his personal outlook.

Through his role, Calderon drives Capital One’s philanthropic engagement efforts, and he believes it is critical for the business community to support the Hispanic community.

“In our great city of Dallas and in our great state, we continue to benefit from robust economic development. My hope is that we use this moment to bless the sections of our state and city that need economic stimulus, like Southern Dallas County and in communities of color,” said Calderon.

For Calderon and Capital One, recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month means being inclusive to the entire Hispanic community year-round.

It’s important to honor the many cultures that make up the growing and vibrant Hispanic community. At Capital One, we are committed to implementing workplace policies, investing in the community, and amplifying the voices of the Hispanic community year-long,” said Calderon. “We are driven by our mission to change banking for good.

Capital One offers Hispanic associates the tools to thrive through , their Hispanic Business Resource Group. HOLA leads the Hispanic Leadership Development Program and Hispanic Leaders Coaching Program, which support associates to achieve their full career potential.

Capital One’s Community Impact and Investment and Campus Recruiting teams have also partnered closely with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) to host 50 students from HACU-member institutions. Students attended leadership and development workshops and networked with like-minded peers, recruiters, and leaders, as well as volunteers from Capital One’s BRGs. HACU has increased Capital One’s student and grad program pipeline with many of these students applying for open roles at Capital One.

Calderon also personally participates in the Capital One University Crossroads program, which provides first-generation high school students with access to college preparation coursework, as well as university leaders who can provide guidance on how to navigate college and financial aid. The program helps support dedicated and hard-working parents who may not know the ins and outs of the college experience.

“My passion in business and in life is to be a role model for professionals, colleagues, and friends,” said Calderon. “I was once a product of a similar program, and I am an ardent supporter of this approach and believe that it can change the orbit of future generations, specifically for those in the Hispanic community.”

Capital One has been engaged over the last 15 years with the DRC’s Principal for a Day program. This valuable program is a chance for business and civic leaders to share their knowledge with school staff while learning more about local public schools, and experience what a typical school day is like. Calderon has participated in Principal for a Day multiple times.

Calderon also discussed the importance of mentors and sponsors throughout his career.

“A mentor is a coach, or someone who wants to see you get better at what you want to do personally or professionally, while a sponsor has the influence to give access to new professional or development opportunities,” said Calderon, echoing the definitions expressed at the recent Young Professionals event in June.

“I wouldn’t be here had I not had great mentors and sponsors early in my career. It is a life-long journey,” said Calderon. “Relationship building past your education puts you in the best position to get the job you want or that opportunity that will take you to the next level.”

While reflecting on his own experience, Calderon also encouraged companies to give back.

“Truly invest in the community and give back. After years in leadership roles, I have made it my mission to give back to others,” said Calderon. “I always ask myself how I could help others, create awareness, and try to do what I can to help those that look like me gain access to leadership opportunities.”