DRC Strategic Priorities: Economic Development

The DRC is deeply invested in strengthening the Dallas Region and its vibrant and diversified business community. Our strategic plan is built on four core priorities — economic development, education and workforce, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and public policy.

Elizabeth Koestler, Harry Whalen, and Mike Rosa at the Frisco Economic Development Corporation board meeting.

Our economic development team works with our regional, state, and corporate allies to bring the best companies and talent to the Dallas Region. Let’s look at some examples of how these partnerships make the Dallas Region a better place for all to live, work, and do business.

Recent wins for DFW:

Upcoming economic development priorities:

      • Tech Crunch Mobility Summit: Economic Development staff will attend the Tech Crunch Annual Mobility Summit May 18-20 in San Mateo, Calif., meeting the engineers behind the latest mobility technology companies.
      • BIO International Conference 2022: We’ll network with over 8,000 companies from 65-plus countries to gain insight into the bio ecosystem.
      • Tomorrow Fund Breakfast: We host our Tomorrow Fund investors June 23 at the DRC. The Tomorrow Fund provides the DRC with the necessary resources to drive economic development, improve education, attract talent, and support our public policy advocacy efforts to strategically manage our region’s growth.