DRC Member Spotlight: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Tell us about Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) and the university’s presence in Dallas.

We are bringing the TTUHSC mission and vision to the metroplex so students in Dallas and surrounding areas can attend TTUHSC programs locally.

What should the Dallas Region’s business community know about TTUHSC?

We have roughly 400 students enrolled in our nursing programs and 150 students enrolled in our pharmacy programs each academic year who are living and working in the DFW metroplex.

We also partner with key health care organizations across the region to provide real-world experience to our students. We want to prepare our students to meet the demands of today’s health care environment while also seeking to support the communities we work in through research, clinical resources, and health education.

Why is TTUHSC’s presence important for the Dallas Region?

We recognize the dire need to address healthcare disparities and produce well-prepared, highly qualified professional nurses and pharmacists to meet the industry shortages. We are helping address the nursing and pharmacist shortage across the country by producing high-quality nursing professionals at all levels and high-quality pharmacy professionals who are well-prepared. We are innovative and strategic in ensuring our graduates are prepared to transition effectively into practice.

Additionally, we partner with the community to serve those around us. We seek to provide educational opportunities to a diverse population of learners. We contribute to advancements in health care through research, practice, and quality improvements. We also offer a telehealth institute across the region.

What is new at TTUHSC Dallas?

The TTUHSC Dallas Campus is currently undergoing renovations to create more classroom space and partnership opportunities.

Tell us more about the upcoming nursing simulation center.

We are planning to open a new nursing simulation center in the next year. This center is targeted toward meeting academic needs, as well as providing more opportunities to collaborate with the community. This includes exposing prospective students to health care education opportunities education as early as middle and high school.

Anything else you would like to add about TTUHSC?

Many people do not realize that TTUHSC has a campus in Dallas, offering School of Pharmacy and School of Nursing, as well as a nursing program in Mansfield. Students from throughout North Texas can participate in TTUHSC pharmacy and nursing programs without having to move to West Texas. We will continue to evaluate opportunities to expand our programs and create partnerships throughout the North Texas region.