DRC Member Spotlight: Sicily Hill, LLC

Sicily Hill is a leader in luxury corporate gifting, providing businesses high-quality, tastefully branded products at affordable prices to increase employee morale, elevate customer satisfaction, and generate referral business.

Jessica Hill, Founder & CEO

How does Sicily Hill help other businesses become more effective?

Sicily Hill specializes in enhancing businesses-client relations and employee satisfaction through corporate gifting. Providing a gift to someone shows that person is appreciated, and therefore, leads to a greater sense of satisfaction with the recipient. This is a great business tool to increase employee morale, elevate customer satisfaction, and generate referral business.

What differentiates Sicily Hill from others in the industry?

Sicily Hill stands out in the corporate gifting industry because of our elevated product quality, tasteful, customizable opportunities, and reasonable price point. Our goods are crafted of quality materials from expert manufacturers, resulting in luxurious, decadently finished products.

Gone are the days of gifting bulk order promotional gadgets. Sicily Hill works closely with your business to curate tastefully branded goods. From featuring your logo on our products to producing a fully customized collection, your Sicily Hill gifts will leave a lasting impression.

The average retail on our elevated goods is $50.00 or less per gift. This minimal investment produces invaluable benefits to the business in company morale, satisfaction, and referrals.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in the Dallas Region?

As a Dallas native, I take great pride in working closely with the businesses who help make our city exceptional. From the local florist to the Fortune 500 companies, I love helping Dallas businesses thrive through the consumption of Sicily Hill’s corporate gifts.

Why did I decide to become a DRC member?

I joined the DRC to increase my opportunities to network with Dallas-based businesses, involve myself in opportunities outside of my work, and expand Sicily Hill’s presence in the Dallas Region. Beyond Sicily Hill’s benefits as a DRC member, the DRC offers numerous opportunities for me to become a more involved Dallas resident. From the Women’s Business Conference to meetings on Dallas transportation, I have found great enjoyment in further immersing myself in my community.

How has your business changed in the past five years?

Sicily Hill is ever evolving to fit the needs of the consumer. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to divert our sales strategies from in-person networking to virtual and update our sales pitch. Now more than ever, our clients must keep morale high amongst their employees and customers. Sicily Hill is here to help businesses with this task as they strive to keep employees engaged, retain and gain new customers, and pivot their own business strategies.