DRC Member Spotlight: Kanarys

Co-Founder and CEO of Kanarys Mandy Price sat down to tell the DRC about her business. The award-winning technology platform is focused on providing the tools organizations need to create long-term systemic change around inclusion and belonging challenges in the workplace.

Tell us about your business.

Kanarys provides insights, data, and resources to help companies improve inclusion and belonging in the workplace so every employee feels like they belong and can thrive at work. A category leader in data-driven solutions, Kanarys transforms workplaces by providing the framework, benchmarking, and data companies need to incorporate best-in-class inclusion strategies into every area of their organization.

Mandy Price, Co-Founder and CEO

In addition to its technology platform, Kanarys offers research capabilities and collaborative partnership opportunities through its team of workplace inclusion and belonging experts. No matter where you are on your journey, Kanarys can help create meaningful change and impact in your organization.

How does Kanarys help other businesses become more effective?

Kanarys has transformed numerous workplaces using their extensive data, improving workplace experiences for tens of thousands of employees. Kanarys is building inclusive work cultures by giving employees a platform to talk about their workplace experiences and providing companies with the technology to develop, manage, and measure inclusion and belonging metrics on an ongoing basis. We measure our impact through the success of our customer partners.

For example, over the last two years, we have supported a leading company in the retail space to enhance inclusion and belonging commitments across their organization through measurable actions. This included standardizing their talent acquisition process by putting in place standardized interview questions and scorecards to help eliminate bias from the interview process. By implementing these mindful steps, their time-to-hire rate decreased by double-digit percentages, while representation in their Executive Development Program increased greatly.

What differentiates Kanarys from other companies in your industry?

Kanarys is a true innovator and leader in workplace inclusion and belonging and has been instrumental in transforming workplaces for tens of thousands of employees. Based on our own experiences as people of color in the workplace, my co-founders and I knew firsthand that current initiatives were not enough and needed to be reimagined. Companies have been doing work to improve diversity, inclusion, and belonging in workplaces for decades, but very few have been able to quantify what has worked and why.

Kanarys’ solutions ensure a data-driven approach to areas like talent acquisition, retention, performance reviews, pay practices, and organizational policies and practices, enabling companies to create interventions and programs that are precise, measurable, and result in systemic transformation.

What is the best part about doing business in the Dallas Region?

Kanarys staff

One thing that’s special about the North Texas community is how diverse, talented, and robust the startup ecosystem is. The City of Dallas is one of the few cities that has put forth initiatives, like Mayor Eric Johnson’s Task Force on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to fuel diverse startups and drive inclusive venture capital investment. Dallas also provides a startup package that includes more than $500,000 of in-kind offerings to help D-FW founders start, build, and grow their businesses. This sets our city apart.

Why did you decide to become a DRC member?

The Dallas Regional Chamber’s (DRC) goal to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in businesses across the Dallas Region deeply aligns with Kanarys’ mission. This kind of work can provide all Dallas residents with better career opportunities and can make our city’s workforce stronger and more equitable. I believe that collaboration is essential to creating meaningful and long-lasting change. By being a member of the DRC, I have been able to work alongside D-FW leaders who share the same unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous Dallas Region.

How has your business changed in the past five years?

In 2018, I stepped aside from my career as a successful Harvard-educated attorney to co-found Kanarys. I was inspired to change the world around me and help workplaces examine the way they do things at a foundational level.

My co-founders and I knew that data could help solve workplace inclusion and belonging issues and inequities, and we knew we could build a technology platform to solve this. In just four years, Kanarys has grown from an idea to a category industry leader that serves major customers and several Fortune 500 companies.