DRC Member Spotlight: InfoVision

InfoVision is an innovation consulting and digital transformation leader equipping businesses with the people, processes, platforms, and training required to deeply ingrain innovation and future readiness in their business models.

How does your company help other businesses become more effective?

It used to be that change was the only constant in business. But the explosion of digital tools and capabilities and customer demands for engaging with businesses through digital ways has upended the narrative and change is now accelerating. The traditional business models would have resisted change and planned to “manage” it. But accelerating changes demands more. It asks of businesses to accept change, reinvent themselves quickly and at scale, and overcome the pace of change.

This new narrative emerges from the fact that change is a two-sided coin. While it brings volatility and uncertainty, it also opens up new opportunities. A case in point is that all great businesses of this decade are digital natives who leveraged the digital opportunity before the existing giants did.

InfoVision is built around the vision of helping businesses accept change and infuse innovation within their business models to keep up with demand and opportunity. This requires consistent strategy, decision-making, action, and an innovation mindset. InfoVision’s digital architects and innovation experts bring years of cross-functional and cross-industry experience in plugging these very elements into business models. InfoVision partners with brands of all sizes – from Fortune 500 to independent software vendors – helping them go digital with innovation at the core, technology as an enabler, and differentiated end-customer experience as an outcome.

What differentiates your company from others in your industry?

InfoVision innovates not just on behalf of our customers, but also independently to create impact at citizen scale through our innovation lab, Digit7 (formerly NxtGEN iLab). Over the last couple of years, we have helped institutionalize serverless architecture for one of the world’s largest convenience store chain and enabled a major telecom provider to explore cutting-edge applications of 5G. These are just some of the use cases where we enabled everything from stakeholder buy-in to post-implementation support.

On the other hand, our Digit7 Lab has engineered 19+ trend-defining products and accelerators, including the Smart Express Store – a fully automated cashier-less checkout experience that allows customers to simply scan in, grab items, walk out and pay online. An in-house omnichannel engine that’s capable of driving the Express Store and 15 other experiences and digital retail modules powers this store. Our clients have experienced these solutions first-hand at our Customer Experience Center at the Digit7 facility in Richardson IQ®.

InfoVision has delivered solutions across industries that have garnered awards such as InformationWeek 500, Meffys Award, App Store’s Best, Top 100 – Innovative Technology Work, Mobile Payment Solution of the year, etc.

To ensure that these solutions are scalable, completely customizable, and flexible to change – we have built an innovation ecosystem consisting of practices dedicated to emerging technologies and leveraged them cross-functionally. Our innovation-centric problem-solving process and Agile development have helped clients across industries gain first-mover advantages and competitive edge needed to survive in an increasingly saturated digital market.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in the Dallas Region?

Dallas is where the idea of InfoVision took root, was nurtured and grown into the force of digital disruption. Since our inception, the local community and amenities, the business diversity, and the progressive talent pool have equipped us with unique advantages in our space. Currently, being centered in Richardson IQ has reinforced these benefits and helped us develop our own innovation ecosystem to create valuable products and services for our clients. With InfoVision recognized as one of the top job creators in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it’s a deep and fulfilling relationship where we actively contribute to the community as much as we get from it. It’s an association we take great pride in.

Why did you decide to become a DRC member?

Dallas-based businesses have been the key drivers in our explosive growth in the last few years. We want to get closer to the pulse of Dallas, involve ourselves in aspects outside of our business, and grow InfoVision in a manner that’s most meaningful to us and our closest clients.

How has your business changed in the past five years?

The last few years have seen InfoVision expand the innovation consulting services to various industries – manufacturing, telecom, retail, BFSI, healthcare, among others, and reinforce the innovation strategies. InfoVision’s continuous independent research towards groundbreaking products leveraging new and unconquered technologies such as – LIDAR, Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, Cloud, etc. – keeps its people continuously upskilled, platforms upgraded, and processes modern.

InfoVision’s progress has been marked by recognition such as the Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Retail by Industry Tech Insights, strong partnerships with industry insiders such as MongoDB, AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Adobe, Salesforce, etc., and professional affiliations such as Tech Titans, Forbes Technology Council, CompTIA, and the University of Texas, Dallas.