DRC Member Spotlight: Improving

Improving is a complete IT services company dedicated to positively changing the perception of the IT professional. They offer cutting-edge solutions through IT consulting, software development, and agile training to help their clients prosper and achieve their most challenging technology goals.

How does Improving help its clients build value?

We help enterprises and organizations solve their most complex technology challenges through modern software development, technology consulting, agile training, and team augmentation services. Our innovative solutions have helped thousands of our clients realize their tactical and strategic business objectives, allowing them to achieve great new heights in a competitive and ever-changing market. We aid our clients in understanding the impact of their latest initiatives, deploying new applications, and assimilating these things into their teams with ease. We are dedicated to educating and supporting businesses every step of the way, setting them up for a bright and successful future.

What differentiates Improving within your industry?

Improving is redefining the landscape of modern technology. Our expertise converges to meet our clients’ technological challenges with a unique focus on stakeholder value and usability. Our unique approach integrates advanced areas like platform engineering, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and modern data strategies with core business functions such as agility, automation, and collaboration. This synergy ensures functional software and a complete transformation of a business’ processes and output.

Trust is also at the forefront of everything we do at Improving. Not only do we want our employees to have access to open communication, personal growth, and shared rewards, but we want this with our clients, too. Incorporating trust into all aspects of our company has resulted in extensive, sustainable growth, which is why our success is a consequence of our involvement.

What benefits does Improving enjoy by doing business in the Dallas Region?

Dallas remains one of the top thriving business communities in the United States, and Improving has been fortunate to work with countless companies of all sizes and industries on their business solutions. Dallas’ growth over the years has brought new organizations into the city’s ecosystem and strengthened our ability to connect with emerging industries that have established roots here.

Why did Improving become a DRC member?

Improving has called Dallas home since our inception in 2007. While we have offices throughout North America, Dallas will forever be a special place to us! It’s the location of our headquarters and where we have worked for millions of hours on projects while supporting multiple local industries, including financial services, automotive, and construction.

As one of the most respected business organizations in the U.S., our partnership with the DRC strengthens our relationship with the local community. As a passionate supporter of the Conscious Capitalism business philosophy, we believe our stakeholders go beyond our clients and into the community. Membership with the DRC is a wonderful way to build trust and relationships with people in our area.

How has Improving changed in the past five years?

Our sustained growth since our inception has landed us on the Inc. 5000 list for 14 years, and with this growth, we have needed to change our programs and how we scale our company’s culture. It remains one of our top commitments to our employees to create a great place to work, which includes education and mentorship. With this in mind, we have developed PATH, an innovative and highly custom career planning program unique to each employee’s goals. This has allowed our Improvers to reach new heights, both professionally and personally.