DRC Insight Series Kicks Off With ‘Preeminence’ Author Glen Jackson

By Dave Moore, Staff Writer

Marketing wiz Glen Jackson guided nearly 70 attendees on a conceptual path to preeminence on Wednesday, March 27, during the inaugural Leadership Insight Series event at the Dallas Regional Chamber.

The Leadership Insight Series, a partnership of all five DRC Leadership Programs, hosts candid conversations with top leaders on topics of professional success, leadership secrets, and happy lives.

Beyond defining “preeminence”, Jackson – co-founder of the national marketing firm Jackson Spalding – explored the key attitudes, work, and traits common among individuals and organizations who obtain preeminence in their respective areas. During his address, Jackson largely followed the points outlined in his book “Preeminence: What It Means and How to Sustain It.”

The common thread throughout Jackson’s discussion was the importance of building genuine relationships, and persisting and enduring through incredible personal and professional hardship.

Perhaps most stirring were his personal stories that illuminated those points.

During his speech, Jackson recalled the time he was home visiting from college at the age of 19, when his father – a World War II veteran and prisoner of war survivor – committed suicide. The death eventually led Jackson and his family to visit Utah Beach in Normandy, where his father landed in a Sherman tank, during the 1944 invasion.

“We all had the same realization – as suicide survivors – the importance of dwelling not on that August day in 1983, but, instead, focusing on celebrating what my dad taught me, remembering him at his absolute best. I remember the beautiful, magical moments my parents shared, and how much they loved each other.”

Another indelible recollection Jackson shared during his speech involved the unexpected passing of his mother, and how one of his clients, Chick-fil-A, responded. Jackson said his mother volunteered at a shelter in Atlanta every Friday, and after her passing, representatives from Chick-Fil-A read about her work in her obituary.

“A week after my mom’s passing, they showed up, and fed 200 kids at the shelter,” Jackson said. “They brought the (mascot) cows in, they brought books for the children. They fed everybody.”

“Preeminent organizations give back a lot — they do so genuinely,” he said.

A second Leadership Insight Series talk is set for Wednesday, September 11, 2019, at 4:30 PM at the DRC. The featured speaker is Nina Vaca, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group.