DRC COVID-19 Pandemic Baseline Indicators Report

Eric Griffin, Managing Director, Research & Innovation

The Dallas Regional Chamber’s COVID-19 Pandemic Baseline Indicators Report highlights key community indicators and high-risk factors to consider as we deal with the global health crisis. The interactive report provides a snapshot of Dallas Region conditions prior to the outbreak to help guide our planning for eventual economic recovery.

For more than 100 years, the DRC has advocated on behalf of the business community and championed a healthy and growing economy. We produce an annual Economic Development Guide to detail the region’s assets and provide insight into economic conditions. Now more than ever, the DRC will be gathering data and working with our members, partners, and other experts to evaluate market trends, and in the process, highlight potential recovery scenarios.

The COVID-19 economic landscape is changing rapidly. As the Harvard Business Review recently noted, many uncertainties prevent us from providing a clear economic outlook to describe a post-pandemic world:

  • The properties of COVID-19 aren’t fully understood and could change;
  • The asymptomatic presentation of infection isn’t fully understood;
  • Infection and immunity rates are in question, especially where testing limitations exist;
  • Policy responses will continue to be variable, slow to catch up, and cannot anticipate every eventuality; and
  • Neither household nor firm reactions to the pandemic are predictable.

With these uncertainties in mind, the DRC is actively monitoring economic indicators that will help our members and the region plan more effectively for a post-pandemic future.