DHD Films Launches #HealthcareHeroes Campaign with $100,000 Gift Announcement

Michael Wood, Manager, Education & Workforce

As is often the case during times of crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the enduring courage and resolve of people everywhere. This is especially true of our nation’s health care workers, who confront the pandemic head-on every day while many of us work from the comfort and safety of our own homes.

DHD Films, a Dallas-based creative agency and Dallas Regional Chamber member, has launched a campaign to ensure the selfless sacrifices made by health care workers during this unprecedented crisis do not go unnoticed.

The campaign, Healthcare Heroes, aims to create a living tribute to the health care community by compiling the world’s largest collection of appreciation messages for frontline health care workers. The plan is simple: encourage individuals to film a short video expressing thanks to a health care professional in their life, or to the general health care field.

In addition to recognizing the everyday heroism of health care workers, Healthcare Heroes will also generate financial support for our local hospital system. Energy Transfer, an energy company headquartered in Dallas, has partnered with DHD to donate $50 for each thank you video submitted, up to a $100,000, which will be gifted to Parkland’s Public Health Preparedness Fund.

DHD’s Chief Success Officer, Hussain Manjee, hopes the partnership with Energy Transfer is the first of many to merge the campaign’s efforts to thank health care workers with financial gifts for public health systems nationwide.

“Now, more than ever, the brave and selfless members of the all-encompassing medical community need our support and encouragement as they fight to contain the spread of the Coronavirus and help those who have been affected by it,” he says.

To date, the campaign’s initial PSA and the first weekly compilation of appreciation messages have generated more than one million views on social media. DHD hopes the newly inked partnership with Energy Transfer will help turn those views into video submissions.

To express your gratitude for our Dallas Region health care community and unlock crucial financial support for Parkland, you can film a video or submit an existing one directly on the campaign’s webpage.

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