DEI Leaders Connect Discusses Hispanic Heritage and Changing Workforce Trends

The DRC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Leaders Connect group convened over 30 DEI and human resource leaders on Tuesday, August 10. The meeting was sponsored by Hispanic Star, a national campaign to showcase and amplify Hispanic power and contributions to the community.

Marty Martinez, who serves as the CEO/Founder of Social Revolt Agency and the Hispanic Star Ambassador for Dallas, shared his experience growing up in a racially segregated Dallas. He recounted the challenges of not seeing positive Hispanic images reflected in his community. Marty walked the group through the Hispanic Heritage Month toolkit and underscored the importance of organizations promoting Hispanic leaders. The toolkit is available in English and Spanish and allows companies to positively highlight Hispanic influence and contributions through activations for employee resource groups, communications plans, and digital media assets.

The group also received a preview of the Diversity in Tech Hiring Toolkit that the DRC is developing in partnership with Accenture. Several of the group’s members provided case studies and best practices in diversifying their tech talent pipeline. The DRC and Accenture will launch the toolkit during the September 14 Talent Attraction Talk. Register for the event.

Here are a few takeaways from the session:

The group discussed the “Great Resignation” – where millions across the country are leaving their jobs – and what that means for diversity in our workforces. Some companies are focused on expanding retention benefits like bonuses and stock incentives. Others are considering more workplace flexibility options, including allowing employees to choose their preferred work arrangement. One shared approach is that companies are doubling down on highlighting the unique employee value proposition of their organization.

Another takeaway: the group discussed the idea that we are moving to a more nomadic workforce, especially with tech talent, and companies need to shift their culture to meet future employee needs.

Other highlights included discussion on company conversations surrounding the impact of critical race theory and voting legislation. The DRC shared that the public policy team has compiled research on Texas voting laws relative to the 10 largest states as well as key provisions of SB1. Download the research.