DEI Leaders Connect discusses diversity and inclusion in the workplace

By Matthew Berger, Director of Communications

The DRC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Leaders Connect recently convened more than 20 DEI and human resource leaders. The meeting was sponsored by Paycom, a user-friendly HR and payroll technology company that is empowering employees and business by letting employees do their own payroll, while also enhancing the entire employee life cycle, all in a single software. From onboarding and benefits enrollment to talent management and more, Paycom streamlines processes, drives efficiencies, increases data integrity, and gives employees power over their own HR information through a self-service app.

Vice President of Product Management Dickens Aubourg and Vice President of Human Resources Jennifer Kraszewski discussed how Paycom empowers employees to be their authentic selves.

Here are a few takeaways from the session:

  • The discussion first focused on the culture of learning. Aubourg and Kraszewski emphasized the importance of educating employees about different backgrounds and perspectives, listening to employees about their experiences and creating opportunities for employees to be their most successful.

“You have to encourage diversity of thought through open dialogue and engagement, which should start with leaders,” Aubourg said. “You also have to build and retain a more diverse workforce at all levels through recruitment and continuous development.”

  • Another focus was Employee Resource Groups (ERG). Paycom is in the process of rolling out several ERGs. They are important for team members to bring their authentic selves to work because they focus on affinities (race, sexual orientation, and religion are a few examples). They also improve community, guide professional training, and celebrate cultural holidays. When they’re well established and supported, they also help companies solve business challenges.

“ERGs promote a diverse, inclusive workplace in alignment with our values, goals, and business practices,” Kraszewski said. “While we serve as a committee for guiding them in their formation, the ultimate goal is for us to serve as hands-off advisers.”

  • The event ended with an open discussion on topics, including wellness programs, mental health, and how to navigate religious inclusion and multicultural groups in the workplace. An attendee recommended Tanenbaum, a secular and non-sectarian non-profit organization focused on building respect for religious differences, as an effective resource for workplace trainings.

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