Dallas Regional Chamber Statement on Violence at the U.S. Capitol

The shocking images we all saw of the violence and destruction at the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday were frightening and disheartening. We strongly condemn the violence that occurred within the very symbol of our democracy.

These despicable and unlawful acts attempted to disrupt and prevent the peaceful transfer of power. Thankfully, our Members of Congress elected by the people preserved our democracy, which has been a beacon of freedom and opportunity.

With the President-elect and the Vice President-elect set to be sworn-in on January 20, we look forward to working with the new administration along with the 117th Congress. We are hopeful, optimistic, and confident that the strength of our many viewpoints will continue to serve to unify us and make us stronger. We pledge to continue working to bring the Dallas Region together and build bridges that will help make this the best place in the United States for all our people to live, work, and do business.