Connection Point: Health Care Leader Axxess – ‘Say Yes’ Helps Us Paint a True Picture of Dallas

Anita Paxton, Vice President of Talent Management at Axxess discusses how Say Yes to Dallas – a talent attraction initiative of the Dallas Regional Chamber – impacts recruiting talent.

Dallas-based Axxess, one of the fastest-growing home health care technology companies in the U.S., creates software and services such as electronic medical records and staffing solutions for agencies providing health care in the home.

On what makes Axxess stand out:

What makes Axxess unique is our company culture and solid leadership. We strive for diversity – not just from a cultural standpoint but from thought perspectives as well. When we all bring our unique views and ideas to the table, we can create something much better than just one person ever could. Our mantra is “may the best idea win.” We pride ourselves on our abilities to identify the best ways to get things done and bring those solutions to the marketplace. We work collaboratively in teams; it’s the way we do business. That’s the grit, hustle, and hunger that drive the contributions we’re making for our industry, and that improve patient outcomes overall. We’re on a mission.

On talent attraction in the Dallas Region:

Talent attraction is a major component of our business strategy. When you look at businesses that thrive in Dallas, you can see how critical it is that we’re attracting the right talent in the market. It’s important that we look beyond Dallas to engage with new talent and fresh ideas by sharing the opportunities Dallas has to offer that will grow us all culturally, professionally and personally. We do a wide search to cultivate diversity, and we receive applications from people outside of the U.S. who look for opportunities here. That’s another way Say Yes to Dallas helps us.

On how Axxess uses Say Yes to Dallas:

We use Say Yes to Dallas when we’re recruiting, whether we’re recruiting at a college career fair or we’re seeking talent outside our region. We want to give prospective employees a glimpse of what Dallas has to offer.

Say Yes to Dallas gives us a voice. It tells a story about Dallas that we never could. It allows people who are open to new opportunities understand and absorb everything Dallas has to offer – whether our prospect is a person who is single, or has a family and is seeking a great place to plant roots.

We work with recruiting centers at different universities, and it’s important that they understand the entire breadth of the Dallas community. Sharing Say Yes to Dallas with career centers provides them with a great view into what life is like in Dallas so they can more thoughtfully guide someone’s career after graduation. There’s so much for people looking to start a great adventure. We have a robust nightlife, major league sports, other outstanding entertainment and recreation options, and an affordable cost of living, which we show them using the cost-of -living calculator.

When we interview potential employees, it’s important to us that we know what’s important to candidates and what a person’s needs are as an individual. If an applicant likes animals, concerts, the arts – whatever – we need to be able to show Dallas has opportunities to enjoy that. We want our employees to be a part of the great culture at Axxess, but we also want them to be a part of the culture and community in Dallas.