Confronting COVID-19 Q&A Series: Chris Parvin, The Parvin Group

Chris Parvin, President and CEO of The Parvin Group, discusses how his company mission has provided guidance and purpose during COVID-19.

This Q&A is part of an ongoing series of DRC interviews with representatives from our member organizations about how they are facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: How has The Parvin Group faced the challenge of COVID-19?

A: Whenever we face a challenge at TPG, we always go back to our mission: “We exist to build profitably growing companies so that we can give to the Kingdom of God, make the world a better place, and enrich our employees’ lives.” It’s the core of who we are, and all of our companies, including Parvin Law Group, Parvin Properties, White Rhino Coffee, Trinity Abstract & Title Co., and Knob & Key Realty, are committed to staying true to that mission.

When the challenge of COVID-19 presented itself, we knew first and foremost that we needed to focus on protecting our employees, not only from a safety perspective, but also protecting their jobs. After cutting all non-critical costs, we were able to continue to employ 100% of our workforce – and we are proud of that.

In addition, we continued to give back to those most in need:

  • The Parvin Group partnered with Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse to deliver 200 meals to the doctors and nurses on the front lines at Baylor Medical Center.
  • Parvin Law Group offered free basic estate plans for Dallas Region residents age 70 and older. We recognized that the most vulnerable among us were the seniors who don’t have a will, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, or HIPPA release in place, and we wanted to help. In addition, we discounted estate planning services to all Dallas Region residents, regardless of age, by 15%.
  • Parvin Properties offered rent abatements for up to 90 days to those who faced economic hardship and were unable to pay rent on our properties.
  • White Rhino Coffee continued to support our first responders, as we always do, by providing complimentary beverages in store.
  • Knob & Key Realty provided gallons of hand sanitizer to local homeless shelters.

Q: How is the office staff transitioning back to in-office work?

A: All five of the TPG companies provided essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. While several of our corporate employees and attorneys worked from home for safety reasons, our coffee shop employees, real estate agents, and escrow officers continued to conduct daily business while observing enhanced safety measures. As we opened up our seating areas at White Rhino Coffee last week, our staff was excited to spend more time with our loyal customers. As business continues to transition back to normal, we are continuing to practice enhanced safety measures that exceed the recommended CDC safety guidelines.

In our corporate offices, our employees have certainly adapted to a “new normal.” We take the temperature of everyone coming in the door, we’ve implemented stringent cleaning measures, and have limited unnecessary visits from external parties. We have also given employees the option to follow an A/B schedule to limit exposure in the office, as well as continue to allow them to meet their families’ needs regarding childcare and education. Coming back together as a work family this week has been a refreshing and welcomed change for our corporate staff.

Q: What are some of the surprises and inspirations The Parvin Group has experienced during the pandemic?

A: First and foremost, I was inspired by the way our employees rallied together to serve one another and our clients and customers in new ways. Many staff willingly took on new responsibilities, and everyone adapted quickly to a new virtual way of doing business. Our White Rhino baristas even took on maintenance work to improve our shops for when our customers returned, and quickly deployed delivery service to the local communities where our shops are located.

Secondly, I was inspired by the dedication of our construction crew working on the new White Rhino Coffee location in Bishop Arts. They enhanced their safety protocols and adapted the way they worked to stay on schedule. I’m thrilled to say we will be opening White Rhino Coffee Bishop Arts in June.

Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised how low interest rates and limited inventory have allowed our Knob & Key Realty team to continue to grow business. We’ve seen an increase in buyer and seller inquiries, and the team is experiencing their best month of the year.