Community Conversations: Terrence Maiden, Russell Glen Real Estate

By Matthew Berger, Director of Communications

Terrence Maiden is already living out his life’s mission. He’s using his love of real estate to transform the Oak Cliff neighborhood he said molded him into the man he is today.

Maiden, who founded and now serves as CEO of Dallas-based Russell Glen Real Estate, spoke to the Dallas Regional Chamber for its new Community Conversations series, which features gamechangers rewriting the narrative in Southern Dallas County.

Terrence Maiden, Founder & CEO

“I always felt the need and the importance to give back to the Oak Cliff community because it was such an important fabric in my life growing up,” said Maiden, who had successful football careers at Dallas Carter High School and Texas Christian University before finding his way into real estate. “It has been both fulfilling and challenging, but I wouldn’t change anything about the journey to get here.”

Here is the full conversation:

Give us an update on the RedBird project.

“We’re really excited about the progress so far. We are working to complete all the initial infrastructure for development which includes new streets, parking lots, landscaping, and making the project more walkable. UT Southwestern will open a new regional medical center this summer. We recently executed a lease with Dallas College for a satellite campus, and The Lawn at RedBird will open soon. We hope to announce many tenants that are coming in like Chick-Fil-A. I am most excited about the Shops at RedBird becoming an epicenter for employment for the community. We will create over 3,000 jobs on the campus, which improves the quality of life for people in the area.”

What other projects are you working on in Southern Dallas County, and how will they make an impact?

“Russell Glen Company will be developing a project across from UNT Dallas, a 90-acre master plan community in the ‘education corridor’ of Southern Dallas County. We anticipate starting construction in 2023. Our focus will be centered on providing quality residential for the community, office, retail, grocery, and restaurants. We will incorporate a design that complements the vision for UNT Dallas’ master plan campus, that will signify how it’s a central hub for education for every student attending college in the area.”

What are ways businesses can change the narrative in Southern Dallas County?

“To invest. There is a narrative about Southern Dallas County that is often painted with a broad but negative brush. There are very educated, talented people in the area who just need access to quality jobs. The business community needs to step up and be a catalyst for change by creating bigger spaces for employment. It will only attract more people to Southern Dallas County and uplift the entire community.”

How important is a collaboration with organizations like the Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC) in helping the underserved in Southern Dallas County?

“The leadership team at the DRC, particularly Duane Dankesreiter and Latosha Herron Bruff, have been very vocal and intentional with their Southern Dallas County outreach. They have been great partners, especially with the Shops at Redbird. That sort of collaboration goes a long way. If you have an organization like the DRC pushing for change in Southern Dallas County, it provides more substance and weight for what we are trying to accomplish.”

What goals do you have for Southern Dallas County over the next 5-10 years?

“As a company, the Russell Glen strategy will include investing a billion dollars into underserved areas in communities across the country. Our hope is to continue to identify opportunities to create meaningful change from the economic development and real estate development standpoint.”