Board of Advisors Profile: Anthony Bolton, SRP Environmental

Anthony Bolton is an expert in industrial hygiene, serving as Regional Operations Manager for SRP Environmental’s North Texas office. Engineers, toxicologists, certified industrial hygienists, and certified safety professionals help clients improve their work practices in human health and environmental sustainability. SRP Environmental, first founded in Shreveport, has 22 locations in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

Anthony Bolton, Regional Operations Manager, North Texas Office

For more than 15 years, Anthony Bolton has provided businesses with data-driven solutions to ensure environmental sustainability and worker health and safety across various industries.

It’s common for clients to have complex questions while navigating state and federal regulations regarding environmental compliance, exposure to harmful contaminants, and overall workplace safety.  That is where Bolton bridges his experience with his passion for helping people to provide one-of-a-kind industry knowledge.

For example, there has been an increase in industrial hygiene inquiries for companies with chemical plants, manufacturing plants, and construction sites across the Dallas Region. One company found air quality testing specific to its raw material hazards at a manufacturing facility. Following unique approaches to sampling methodologies, Bolton devised a sampling protocol allowing for negligible operational disruption while establishing a baseline for potential workplace hazards and continued peace of mind.

Bolton’s passion for helping others is also evidenced in his personal life. In 2021, Bolton published his first book titled “Oilfield Heart: One Man’s Life Saved by Education,” a fictional story inspired by true events that depict how one young man defies all odds and fights for a bright future. He is also a Board of Advisor for the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Public Policy and Advocacy Council and Economic Development Council Task Force.

Bolton’s educational background includes Occupational Safety and Health, Emergency Management, and a master’s degree in Communications. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Public Policy from Liberty University.

If you’d like to connect with Anthony, please contact him at or 972.388.3454.