High-Fidelity Simulation is Modernizing Manikin-Training to Save Lives

More than 2.5 million lives have been saved since the first CPR training manikin — known as Rescue Annie — came into use in 1960… read more >

Making Student Data Meaningful

Identifying a dip in grades before it’s too late can make a difference in a student’s future… read more >

Intentional Future-Making

The role of technology in culture, work and regional economies has become more important and complex in the last two decades… read more >

DFW Universities Rev Up Cyber Curricula

A heatmap — built by Cyberseek to illustrate the need for cybersecurity talent — shows Texas ablaze with nearly 25,000 cybersecurity openings, among more than 300,000 open jobs nationwide… read more >

The 5-Stage Process Sparking Creative Learning

“There’s an old story of a university architect who waited until the students had worn paths in the grass before adding sidewalks to the campus, quite literally following their footsteps…” read more >

The ‘Art’ of Knowing What’s Important

“Many people make the mistake of thinking that a liberal arts degree will not help them in the business world,” writes Brian Sullivan… read more >

Get Credit for What You Know

If you were a medic in the military for 10 years, why is it that you need to take a freshman-level Anatomy 101 course to complete a bachelor’s degree after transitioning from the workforce… read more >

The Man Who Shared His Superpower

For decades, Tom Fomby has carried an obscure but powerful multitool in his intellectual toolbox. It lets him predict West Nile disease outbreaks… read more >

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