Fourth Industrial Revolution Begins

Imagine transforming how things are made. That’s what the University of North Texas’ (UNT) Center for Agile and Adaptive Additive Manufacturing aims to do… read more >

Crowdsourcing Social Media Data for Emergency Services

Social media is more than just a way to blow off a little steam or to peruse family and acquaintances’ goings-on. It also provides a window into how things work… read more >

Predicting Sewer-Line Failures With Robots

When a 66-inch sewer line broke in Arlington, Texas’ Interlochen neighborhood in 2016, the city decided that rather than tearing up miles of sewer mains and a community, it would partner for a smarter solution… read more >

Strength in Predicting Weakness

Since the 1800s (at least), the formal trial-and-error method has been the go-to discovery process for inventors… read more >

Infrared Sensors Illuminate Human Movement Analysis

Fitbits and pedometers didn’t do it for the University of North Texas (UNT) researcher Xiaohui Yuan… read more >

Shining New Light on Moving Data on Microchips

A torrent of information blazes past most of us unseen, at the speed of light… read more >

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