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Talent Pipeline

foundations-03Working with our regional partners, we serve our business community and our local students who will become the workers of tomorrow.

The priorities of students and the business community are directly aligned: Improving educational outcomes for local students creates better career options for them—and a sustainable, highly-trained workforce for Dallas area businesses in the future.

We are leading the effort to “educate for employment” by providing quality and access to our local education system, from early childhood years through post-secondary attainment. By giving graduates and workers the chance to pick their paths to find a good job, build a life, and establish their own roots, we’re building a stronger tomorrow for all individuals and families living in the Dallas Region.

Working with our members and regional partners, we will establish a comprehensive legislative agenda to affect positive change at the local, regional, and state levels in education reform and workforce training to better prepare today’s students and workers for the jobs of tomorrow.

Our top priorities to improve the Talent Pipeline are:

  • Educate for employment
  • Improve quality of and access to education from Pre-K through higher education

Our Talent Council provides oversight and feedback to the DRC on matters relating to education (from Pre-K through 12th grade for public education, higher education, and workforce issues) that influence education for employments, equity and access, and talent attraction for the Dallas Region. The council will focus on priorities and advocacy important to business that improve and enhance educational outcomes and the quality and availability of the current and future workforce.


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