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Texas Legislative Session

What’s Coming Up in Austin

The DRC sets and advocates for its 2017 Legislative Agenda to keep DFW’s business environment strong and support economic growth. Keeping our members engaged and updated on key developments during the 2017 legislative process plus the involvement in and commitment to our legislative priorities will drive our success in Austin.

DRC’s 2017 Legislative Agenda

Metro 8 Legislative Agenda

Pro-Growth Legislative Accountability Index

During the 85th Legislative Session, the Dallas Regional Chamber and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce are tracking the voting records of every member of the North Texas delegation on legislation critical to our priorities on our Pro-Growth Legislative Accountability Index. The Index only includes bills that are tied to priority issues for both the Dallas and Fort Worth Chambers, and considered on the Senate or House floor.

Because it is our responsibility to keep our chamber members and community partners informed on the legislative issues that impact the North Texas business climate, we are monitoring votes and keeping our members abreast of developments related to pro-growth legislation. As the year progresses, we will update the Index here online and will produce a final printed version following the conclusion of Session.

Legislative Index Bills

Economic Development

The DRC supports HB 3172 establishing a state website for business entities considering relocating or expanding in the state to receive information on state money and tax incentives for which the business entity may be qualified. The website will also include an interactive tool to calculate potential incentives and provide a single application to be submitted to each state agency that offers monetary or tax incentives.

The DRC support HB 108 to bring high-skilled jobs to our state by investing in our Texas workforce. This bill, “Recruit Texas,” would create rapid response workforce development services for employers who are looking to expand or move to Texas. Once developed, the program would allow for a smooth handoff to community colleges or technical institutions.

Public Education

HB 21 provides additional financial support for public education and updates portions of the Texas public school finance system. The Dallas Regional Chamber and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce are deeply invested in improving educational outcomes for Texas students and developing a sustainable, highly-trained workforce.  Sufficient funding and an effective public school finance system is vital to our state’s education pipeline to ensure that students are not only graduating at higher rates, but are prepared with the relevant skills and training to supply the workforce of today and the future.

The DRC supports HB 2039 creating an additional early childhood certification for teachers specializing in Pre-K through 3rd grade to help ensure quality early education for our region.

Health Care

The DRC supports SB 1107, because it expands access to telehealth and telemedicine services across the state. Access to these services can increase care options for consumers while decreasing the cost and time of a face-to-face visit.

Higher Education

The DRC supports SB 22 that creates a Pathways in Technology Early College High School Program to allow students to complete within six years a high school diploma and an associate degree, post-secondary certificate, or industry certificate in addition to work-based training. The bill creates a P-TECH Advisory Council under the Texas Education Agency and, with collaboration from the Texas Workforce Commission and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, will establish criteria for grants and award P-TECH designations.

The DRC supported numerous bills aimed at updating and improving the transferability of college credit including SB 2086, SB 2131, and SB 2122.  We also supported SB 802, which passed both chambers, continuing to study the issue and create a report regarding best practices in the transfer of course credit between public institutions of higher education.


The DRC supported HB 2861, which would have provided a Comprehensive Development Agreement for transportation projects to secure needed funding. In the North Texas Region, the I-635 East project, from US75 to I-30, and the I-35 East corridor would have been able to secure financing for these major capital projects. This bill did not pass.


The DRC supports SB 226, which exempts certain limited water right amendments from notice, review, and hearing requirements. This would streamline the water right amendment processes for non-substantive changes to an application.

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Stay up to date with key state offices; including the Texas House, Senate, Governor’s office, Lt. Governor’s Office, and Texas Legislature online.

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