Future of Work & Business

Guiding Employers as the Dallas Region Returns to the Workplace


The Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC) is sharing best practices and highlighting our members’ expertise in shaping the future of work. The first phase will focus on the near-term policy and practical information necessary for a responsible return, but we are also sharing information and convening experts on the long-term evolution of work and workplaces.

On behalf of our 800 member companies and the more than 500,000 employees of those companies, the DRC is also working with federal, state and local policy makers and health officials to provide businesses with the information and resources needed to safely operate. We have reviewed, vetted, and organized governmental policies, recommendations, and best practices, for broad use in public spaces and as well as workspace-specific information.


These recommendations do not supersede current and future government policies or executive orders.

Businesses are welcome to use these guidelines as general best practices. However, each business assumes responsibility and liability for its own workplace policies and procedures.