Community Engagement

Community engagement is critical in building strong, thriving, and equitable communities. We value the diversity of our region and are working together to create strategic partnerships with community leaders, businesses, and nonprofit organizations focused on meeting the current and future needs of our residents. Together we can deliver meaningful investment and a shared vision for economic growth and stability.

2020 - 2021 Community Partners

As a part of our focus on inclusive economic development, the Dallas Regional Chamber gave a one-time donation to ten Southern Dallas non-profits and initiatives. These projects identified by the DRC are community-led, and will have a significant impact on economic development and the associated quality of life of the people living there. These gifts align with a key mission of the DRC’s DEI Sub-council on Community Investment in Underserved Areas: to focus our work in Southern Dallas County. All projects identified for a gift contain identifiable goals and metrics and will continue to engage with DRC staff throughout the year.

The following is a list of nonprofit organizations and projects the DRC will support during the 2020-21 year.

Inclusive Communities Project

The Inclusive Communities Project is a nonprofit organization that works for the creation and maintenance of thriving racially and economically inclusive communities, and the expansion of fair and affordable housing opportunities for low-income families. Learn more.

The Healthy Food Dallas Initiative’s Community-Based Solutions Program

The Health Food Dallas Initiative’s Community-Based Solutions Program is a financing program supported by the Dallas Development Fund to increase the number of non-traditional food access points including corner stores and other fresh food options in low-income, underserved communities across Dallas. Learn more.

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic

Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic is operating in two of the Dallas zip codes most at-risk for COVID-19. The clinic has served the Dallas community for 50 years! In 1972, the clinic operated from a portable building in impoverished West Dallas. From the West Dallas clinic campus, 30 clinicians provide 80,000 patient visits each year for 29,000 patients of all ages. Learn more.

Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation

Southern Gateway Public Park is a public/private project between the City of Dallas, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Texas Department of Transportation, and the Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation. The Foundation is tasked with the design, construction, and future operations of the Southern Gateway Park. Learn more.

The University of Texas at Arlington Design Justice Initiative at Joppa

The University of Texas at Arlington, along with the Design Justice Initiative, will work closely with the South-Central Civic League in the research, planning, engagement, and implementation of art installations, design-build projects, and research studios that bring students, faculty, and community members together. Joppa is one of the few remaining Freedman’s towns in the nation. Learn more.

For Oak Cliff

For Oak Cliff is a culturally responsive organization serving the South Oak Cliff community. Education, advocacy, community building and arts are the categories used to develop various programs with our community. Learn more.

Project Still I Rise Inc.

Project Still I Rise is a community-based nonprofit organization founded in 2002. The mission of the agency is to empower today’s youth for tomorrow’s opportunities through academic enrichment, mentoring, and leadership development programming. PSIR’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Learn more.

The Puede Network Scholars Program

The Puede Network Scholars Program focuses on building an ecosystem that convenes and supports students, educators, and parents in an effort to transform students into scholars and scholars into community leaders. Learn more.

Tenth Street Residential Organization

Tenth Street is the most intact Freedman’s Town on the national register; a presently inhabited residential neighborhood with original structures. Learn more.

The Concilio

The Conilio works to build strong communities by unlocking opportunities for Latino families. Learn more.


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