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Through education, community awareness and hands on experience the Leadership programming aims to provide the region with an ongoing source of diverse leaders at all levels of business expertise that are prepared and committed to serve as catalysts and sustainers of positive change for the quality of life in the region. Please contact for general questions on the Chamber's Leadership programs.

Executive Women's Roundtable

The Executive Women's Roundtable (EWR) brings together executive level women from a variety of industries and professional disciplines and provides them a business forum to address common workplace issues and interests. Throughout the year, EWR comes together for networking receptions, quarterly dinners with educational speakers, and an annual leadership development conference. Please click here to download more details on the EWR program and the criteria for membership.

Leadership Dallas

Founded in 1975, Leadership Dallas is the flagship program of the Dallas Regional Chamber for leadership development and is aimed at increasing the leadership pool for community activities in the Dallas area. Each year, approximately 55 people are selected to participate in the program, which begins in September and ends in June the following year. During the 10-month program, participants receive in-depth education on critical issues in the community including criminal justice, education, government and politics, as well as a history of the area, health care, and human services. The application period for Leadership Dallas is from April to mid-May every year.

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  • Applications are typically available at the beginning of April every year at Applications are due by mid-May. The current class, Leadership Dallas 2014, is in session. Applications for the next class, Leadership Dallas 2015, will be available in April 2014.

Leadership Dallas Alumni Association

The Leadership Dallas Alumni Association works to create programs and networking opportunities to both strengthen Leadership Dallas alumni member connections and educate and inform members on pivotal issues so they can contribute their leadership to the greater Dallas region. All previous participants in the Leadership Dallas program are eligible to join the Leadership Dallas Alumni Association. For more information on Leadership Dallas Alumni, their current news and activities, and pictures, please visit

Young Professionals

YP, is the go-to organization for young professionals looking to engage in the Dallas business community, learn about issues, interact with regional leaders and give back in a meaningful way. This dynamic group of 375+ members is open to anyone interested and membership is rolling. Events include YP After-hours, an educational breakfast series, CEO Luncheons, YP/Leadership Dallas Alumni Mentoring, 'Behind Closed Doors' Tours, intramurals, volunteer projects and more!

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