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Global DFW






Executive Summary

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) ranks 10th in global competitiveness among 21 key international metropolitan regions. This ranking reflects a composite measure of 27 indicators in five essential ingredients for economic attractiveness: talent, access, resources, business climate and quality of life. Houston, the only other Texas metro on the list, ties DFW in this ranking.

The metropolitan regions used to benchmark DFW were selected on the basis of their national significance, world rankings in advanced services and airport activity, ability to attract talent and ties to the DFW region. The 20 selected metros are located in Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America and they include all of the leading global metros as well as selected peers and emerging areas.
Business Climate is DFW's strongest asset in the global competition. The very low costs of doing business here combined with the nation's relatively stable institutions and low business taxes boost DFW to second place in Business Climate, tied with Atlanta and outpaced only by Singapore. DFW also performs exceptionally well in the international arena on Quality of Life, ranking 8th in a four-way tie with Amsterdam, Chicago and Houston. Quality of Life indicators focus on health, safety and material well-being.

Resources measure a region's capacity to create, implement and sustain leading, world class operations as measured by the presence of top headquarter operations and stock exchanges as well as research, development and patent activity. DFW and Houston stand alone in 10th place on these indicators.

Atlanta and Chicago create a four-way tie with the Texans at 10th place for Access which measures a region's ability to move people and goods to and through the area by air, land and water. Singapore joins DFW and Houston with a showing of 11th place on Talent. Talent measures both quantity and quality of the existing workforce as well as capacity to train future employees.

Global DFW is an ongoing project of the Dallas Regional Chamber established to assess the region's competitive advantages and challenges in the global economy. For more information on this benchmark study and future research please contact the Chamber at, 214-746-6600 or visit the website at www.dallaschamber.org.